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Join Jim and Greg as they appreciate a more stable southern border thanks to Mexico holding up its end of the bargain on border security.  They also shudder at the news that Justin Trudeau will continue as Prime Minister of Canada, even though Conservative Party candidates won more votes nationwide.  And they enjoy watching Democratic insiders wring their hands because they’re worried none of the many Democrats running for president may be able to defeat President Trump and dream of new candidates jumping into the race.

The Progressive Blackface Genre


On the one hand, it shouldn’t be surprising that the party of secession, slavery, segregation, internment camps – and more recently of the FBI and the CIA – would elevate blackface to a career-ending art form. But now, even our mild-mannered Friends To The North are not only getting in on the act but seem hellbent on outdoing the Major League Baseball of blackface, the Democratic Party of Virginia.

The top three elected officials in Virginia, you may recall, have been in a months-long Mexican standoff to hold onto their coveted positions. Gov. Northam first denied, then apologized for, then expressed uncertainty about, and again denied appearing in blackface in a school yearbook. In defense of Northam, he was only a 25-year-old medical school student at the time. Were Northam to go full-Republican and resign in disgrace, he would be replaced by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax. The problem for the Democratic Party of Virginia, though, is that Fairfax (D) has been credibly accused™ of sexual assault. That leaves Virginia’s next in line to succeed Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring (D), who acknowledged his career in blackface during the fallout from the Northam controversy.

Personally, I find blackface funny. But progressives, by definition, do not. And political movements, like individuals, should be judged by the standards to which they hold others, let alone themselves. Enter part-time Canadian Prime Minister and full-time virtue signaler Justin Trudeau, the boy-man whose recent troubles serve to remind conservatives that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

It’s all crazy martinis today!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found to have used blackface on at least three occasions but the maddening part is how the left is urging everyone to calm down with respect to Trudeau when they would have cast a non-leftist to the wolves and even Trudeau himself says these sorts of stories ought to be judges on a case by case basis.  They also wait for more information after reports say an intelligence whistleblower is accusing Trump of making a shocking promise to a world leader.  Is this a major scandal in the making or just more media hyperventilation?  And let’s just say they’re severely underwhelmed as House Republicans make repealing Obamacare and reducing the national debt their priorities if voters return to the majority – particularly when they did neither when they had the chance in the first two years of the Trump administration.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the sudden political turmoil for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after his former attorney general says Trudeau told her go easy on a major business that was under investigation and then removed her as attorney general when she refused.  They also have fun as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi berates moderate House Democrats for siding with Republicans on multiple motions to recommit and warns that they’ll get less help from the party in 2020 if they don’t vote the way she wants.  And they slam their heads against their desks as Roy Moore considers another run for the Senate seat he lost in 2017.

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Author’s Note: My friend Erik (who is a Ricochet member, but has yet to jump into the Member Feed fray) made fun of me offline for including these “author’s notes” in my last few posts. Let this be a lesson to him. Two days ago, the story of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s (alleged? indisputable?) assault of […]

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Whoa. Just a couple of minutes ago, Justin Trudeau (allegedly) went full-Trump by manhandling a female MP inside Canada’s House of Commons! It’s a complete gong show. Sadly, the cameras only cover people who are actually speaking, so there’s no video, but the fallout right now is a hoot to watch. Preview Open

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Canada’s New PM: Looks Shallow but May Have Depth


08_23_cal_trudeau_robsonfletcherPrime Minister Justin Trudeau swore in his new cabinet today, striking for its number of political rookies. In our Parliamentary system, the Cabinet is usually picked from a small set of politicians (imagine if America’s cabinet had to be made up only of congressmen, and you get the idea).

Usually, seniority is a primary consideration, but Trudeau picked a collection of political rookies. He seemed to match his MPs based on strangely superficial grounds: Hey, an astronaut, let’s put him in Transport; look, a Paralympian, let’s put her in charge of sport and the disability departments; the quadriplegic should get Veterans’ Affairs! Trudeau’s remarks and ceremony consciously echoed Obama’s.

I have to admit, though, he has attracted some pretty impressive resumes — people who committed to a run back when the Liberal Party had fewer than 10 percent of the seats in the House of Commons and was fighting for its life. That indicates Trudeau has developed some powers of persuasion (he sure didn’t have them when I met him in 2005).

What Really Happened in Canada (From a Canadian)


I’m a Canadian, a longtime small-government libertarian, and sympathetic to US conservative causes. I was for many years a Canadian Liberal partisan (long story, see my bio). This is my first post, though I’ve been a Ricochetti from the very beginning. I just had to weigh in on the confusion I’ve been hearing on the podcasts about the Canadian election.

I know you all like Stephen Harper, and I agree he looks pretty good from a foreign conservative’s perspective. But Canadians didn’t reject that Harper, or even (intentionally) his policies. They just got caught up in a shiny, pretty new thing. It happens to the best of electorates. (US in 2008, anyone?)

Canada Elects Its First Substitute Prime Minister


image3-500x281In a surprise move, the 1980s has returned to Canada and elected a liberal majority government with a Trudeau at the helm. Justin Trudeau, the 43-year-old former jet setter, social justice warrior, and substitute school teacher is now Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. Against all predictions, the Liberals won a majority government last night, giving them control of Canada for the next four or five years.

Trudeau’s prime credential for the office appears to be his father’s name. That’s not to say Dad did a good job — far from it. As David Frum has said, it took three subsequent important prime ministers — Brian Mulroney, Jean Chrétien, and Stephen Harper — to clean up the wreckage left by  Pierre Trudeau’s unforced errors. The work has taken almost 30 years.

However, père Trudeau had savoir-faire. That man could rock a suit and a jaunty hat like no other Prime Minister since. Whether yelling at Americans, hanging out with Fidel Castro, or riding a train across the country while literally giving Alberta and the West the finger, Trudeau had style. He’s been deeply missed by Liberals who have suffered under the leadership of boring accountants and Bay Street money men ever since. The Liberals desperately needed someone who could light a fire under the youth of Canada and bring some pizazz to the party. Another Trudeau would be just swell.

Red Surge! A Canada Election Roundup


CanadaI’m not much of an expert on our frozen neighbor to the north, but I figured someone around here best become an Instant Canada Expert, since none of Ricochet’s Canadians have stepped up to the plate. (What are you guys doing over there in North America, sleeping?) So here’s a round up of what the pundits are saying to tide you over until our in-house experts wake up and tell us what really happened.

Let’s start with this brisk introduction to Canada’s elections from John Oliver: