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‘Justice on Trial’: A Great Book About the Kavanaugh Confirmation


Justice on Trial by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino is a great book. It arrived this week, and I read it in one day. I read until after midnight, and then woke up early to tackle it again. It has a number of insights and inside stories, from Justice Kennedy slipping out to give Trump his letter of resignation, to mind-numbing detail about how the Dems tried to scam the process.

Two Dems come out the best, Amy Klobuchar and Chris Coons. Yes, they voted against Kavanaugh but they did not disgrace themselves as did Kamala Harris and Cory “Spartacus” Booker. Special praise goes to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Chair Chuck Grassley, and Lindsey Graham.

After Clarence Thomas was confirmed, the majority of the nation sided with him. However, after the publication of smear job books like Strange Justice, the public has been turned against Justice Thomas. I hope that my fellow Ricochetti buy and read Justice on Trial and use it to rebut those who would try to smear Kavanaugh in the future.

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The aftermath of this midterm election has reenergized the perennial “straight ticket” versus “vote for the candidate, not the party” dispute. Some argue that President Trump, apparently uniquely among modern presidents, must be kept in check. Others argue that the Democrat Party has encouraged and condoned political violence and assaults on the fabric of our Constitution, […]

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The Gosnell movie is being smothered, with the intention of driving it off the movie screens. After the first week of release, on 700 screens, the silence is stunning. The media is treating the movie just like they treated the trial. They are pretending it isn’t happening.  It took a social media storm, including this photograph […]

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A Change in Trump Skepticism?


I propose that for all of Trump’s many faults, he isn’t the kind of threat to democracy and democratic norms that the left is. Trump is often vulgar and he has, at times, devalued the office of the Presidency. But he has never broken any serious democratic norms. The left did so when they abandoned the presumption of evidence with Justice Kavanaugh. What’s worse, is that the left did so as a whole. If it was merely Senator Feinstein denying Kavanaugh a proper chance to defend himself, that wouldn’t indicate pervasive corruption on the Left. But a good deal more of the left than I ever would have suspected has abandoned the presumption of innocence for partisan politics.

Trump has often said things that I find abhorrent but his rudeness has not infected the larger American right. Furthermore, as the Nathan Blake, writing at The Federalist so eloquently described, “Trump will say anything, but Democrats will do anything. They and their media allies smeared a universally respected judge with an impeccable record as a serial sexual predator on evidence that would not have justified an indictment.”

A Letter to Congresswoman Martha McSally


Dear Congresswoman McSally,

You are stuck a month out, unable to persuade about 10 percent of Arizona voters to commit, but you can overcome this reticence, if you regain your military career courage and move past the professional political advisors’ caution. The weight holding you down is the recent history of the past two Republican Senators. You must show, not say, show by burning bridges, that you are no Flake, and that you will never stick your thumb in the eye of the voters, as Sen. McCain did with the Obamacare vote.

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We haven’t finalized the venue, but it’ll be in midtown Atlanta, Thursday the 18th, at 7:00pm. I will edit this post when the bar/pub/grill is picked. @Stad is coming from out of town, and he will lead the first toast to Justice Kavanaugh. Please join us!   Preview Open

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No! Just, No!


Sorry, but with all due respect to everyone trying to be respectful and even-handed, the Senate should not devote a single second, a tenth of a second, a microsecond, to the supposed charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

Line it up. Senator Feinstein has for over a month sat on an unsubstantiated 30-year-old allegation of teenage misconduct brought by a progressive activist against a respected jurist, and then brought it forward at the last minute in an attempt to stall the process and if not thwart the nomination, to smear the integrity of the nominee so that he is forever tainted.

Richard Epstein on Classical Liberalism, the Administrative State, Free Speech, and Silicon Valley Regulation


For this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast, I had legendary classical liberal legal theorist and longtime professor at University of Chicago Law School and now at NYU Law — and prodigious Ricochet podcaster Professor Richard Epstein on the podcast to discuss among other things:

  • The role that Professor Epstein’s famous book, “Takings” played in Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing — and then-Senator Joe Biden’s hectoring
  • Professor Epstein’s groundbreaking theories on private property rights, eminent domain and the Takings and Commerce Clauses
  • The practical argument against progressivism
  • Whether we should deconstruct the administrative state, and if so how to do it
  • The danger to free speech emanating from college campuses in a world of microaggressions, trigger warnings, de-platforming
  • The folly of regulating Silicon Valley social media companies
  • Classical liberalism versus socialism and libertarianism

You can find the episode on iTunes, everywhere else podcasts are found or download the episode directly here.