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Getting Involved


As many here have exhorted us to do more than simply whine or express outrage at “The Man” or “The System” of unfair, stolen elections, fraud, deceit, and chicanery, I have stepped up. You are reading here, the first public acknowledgment of my being assigned, trained, and committing to be a precinct Judge of Elections.

I had attended a Poll Watcher training a few weeks ago, and received a notice that our county was short over 700 workers for our primary this coming Tuesday.  So I applied.  This afternoon, was informed that I was assigned the position of Judge of Elections.  Did an online training this evening, and officially I am ready to go.  Unofficially, I will print and read the elections handbook with all of the arcane rules to make sure I am better prepared.  This really is a significant responsibility with a lot of procedural details that I need to attend to.