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Minneapolis: Nice No More


Congratulations, Minneapolis! You just dodged a bullet – for now. But only for now. What you will eventually learn, the hard way, is that the white-hating, race-obsessed mob can’t be placated, satisfied, or bought off. Its depravity is bottomless and its appetite for destruction knows no bounds. But for now, you bought yourself some time. The mob said “jump” and the jury on the Chauvin case said, “how high?” The mob said “guilty on all charges” and the jury said, “sir, yes sir!”

Look, we already have a juror confirming what we already knew anyway in a post-trial interview: “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Judge Cahill publicly rebuking Rep. Maxine Waters for demanding a guilty verdict and demanding more confrontation from demonstrators if they don’t get it. They also hammer CBS News for talking about where some of the jurors live as we wait for a verdict. And they cringe while discussing a legal effort to decriminalize incest in New York. Finally, they share their memories of former Vice President Walter Mondale, who died Monday at age 93.

Jury Duty Report


In late October I received a summons to appear for jury duty on December 6. This is old hat for me. Apparently, I am one of the lucky ones. This was my fifth summons for jury duty. One of the ladies there stated her age and said it was her first time. Her stated age was three years’ higher than my own. One of the judges came in to speak with us while we were waiting. The highest number she had ever heard of was a lady in her eighties who had been summoned six times.

The Process

If you have not been summoned to jury duty, or not been summoned lately, the process works something like this. You may receive a jury qualification questionaire. These days, such is filled out online. This may be a new thing or limited to some courts. I do not remember having filled one out before this current go-round. I received the summons to participate in the questionaire last summer.

Members of the Media Asked Manafort Judge…


…to unseal the names of the jurors in the widely-watched trial of the former Trump campaign official.

Now, just what might those members of the “media” do with that information if they had it? Since the judge himself states that he has been threatened, and must employ his own security, I’m thinking that the “media” might be interested in making the lives of those jurors and their families mighty uncomfortable.