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Quote of the Day: Am I Doing Enough?


The good we do lives after us. It is the greatest thing that does. We may leave a legacy of wealth, power, even fame, but these are questionable benefits and sometime harm rather than help those we leave them to. Our true legacy is the trace of our influence for good. We may never see it, but it is there.  —Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Every now and then I look around me and wonder, what am I doing to help make the world a better place? I look at the parents who are protesting Critical Race Theory on behalf of their kids; or the people who are speaking out to promote the work of our Founders in spite of the harassment they receive; or the community leaders who push back on foolish mandates that their leaders are using to control them. Those people are the ones demonstrating courage, fortitude, and resilience in the face of many obstacles. In my day-to-day life, I am not taking any kind of stand to match theirs.