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Join Jim and Greg as they react to the breaking news of a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. They also discuss President Trump’s comments on COVID, John Lewis and more in his Axios interview. And they hammer the federal judge who just ignored election law by ordering officials to count ballots that were not received by election day.

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate stronger than expected economic growth of 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2019.  They also pour cold water on the absurd notions that Anita Hill was treated unfairly by the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 and that Clarence Thomas is somehow assumed guilty of doing what she accused him of doing.  And they react to a judge in Massachusetts and the mayor of Baltimore finding themselves in heaps of legal trouble.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the Senate for approving the criminal justice reform bill known as the First Step Act.  While still a bit uneasy about some details, they generally like the emphasis on teaching inmates how to live an honest life when they get out of prison and become an asset to their communities.  They also wonder why President Trump is suddenly ordering the U.S. to withdraw from Syria when ISIS is badly degraded but not yet eradicated.  And they shake their heads as Michael Flynn’s legal strategy backfires and the federal judge in the case embarrasses himself with false accusations and flippantly suggests Flynn is a traitor.

Members of the Media Asked Manafort Judge…


…to unseal the names of the jurors in the widely-watched trial of the former Trump campaign official.

Now, just what might those members of the “media” do with that information if they had it? Since the judge himself states that he has been threatened, and must employ his own security, I’m thinking that the “media” might be interested in making the lives of those jurors and their families mighty uncomfortable.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America have all bad news, starting with a federal judge putting a hold on Pres. Trump’s immigration order without citing any law or constitutional provision and Trump’s subsequent tweets attacking the judicial system.  We also blast Trump for his moral equivalence in dismissing Vladimir Putin as a killer by saying America’s done a lot of bad things too.  And we discuss and debate whether the slower GOP strategy on Obamacare and tax reform is responsible leadership or letting a golden opportunity slip away.