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I hadn’t remembered that story in decades, but it resurfaced in a bizarre daydream yesterday. A recent Ricochet Question of the Day was why is Trump’s popularity rising? My mind was already reeling from days, weeks, months, even years of insane headlines, some on Ricochet. The story about the MIT entrance application asking to check one of 50-plus genders and list the perspective student’s sexual preferences, to a self-described anarcho-communist college professor spewing hate toward cops. Spinning in my mind were comments from Barbara Streisand and Cher to stop using my hairdryer and use only one piece of toilet paper … to save the environment. I might as well go in the yard and use a leaf.

Riots and protests from Boston to Berkeley, men now too manly, and sensitivity training commencing on campuses and throughout the military. Calling someone something other than their preferred surname can result in your job dismissal. So if your student, patient, or employee wants to be called Lobster Lewinsky, get it right or face consequences. Black-only proms and workdays – white privilege stay home. My head hurts from the nonsense. Van Jones crying on CNN because Trump only denounced White Supremacists three times instead of six, to Hollywood teeth gnashing and temper tantrums worthy of a diaper change, rappers rendered clothing – oh wait – that’s a fashion statement. I can’t stand it. Then yesterday it all became clear.