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Strategika Podcast: Colonel Joseph Felter (Ret.) on a “Good Enough” Outcome in Afghanistan


joseph_felterOne of the pleasures of doing the Strategika podcast for the Hoover Institution is getting to talk not only to some of the world’s foremost military historians and strategic thinkers, but also to men and women who’ve served in the field of conflict. My guest on this episode, retired Colonel Joseph Felter, worked with both General Stanley McChrystal and General David Petraeus in Afghanistan, and now serves as a research fellow at Hoover and a senior research scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford.

In this conversation, Colonel Felter gives us a sense of what constitutes a “good enough” outcome in Afghanistan once American troops leave, talks about how the departure of Western money from the country will compound the issues arising from the departure of Western troops, and provides some insights about Afghanistan that aren’t available to civilians who’ve only consumed the war through media coverage.

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