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As the shock of Election 2020 wears off and multiple challenges to count legitimate votes across several states kick into high gear, how will President Trump‘s legal fight end? One of the country’s most respected legal minds, John Hinderaker, President at the Center for the American Experiment and Powerline Founder returns to Whiskey Politics to discuss the rapidly evolving efforts to ensure the integrity of the vote. Find John at https://www.americanexperiment.org/ and http://PowerlineBlog.com.

Senator Collins: A True Stateswoman in the Kavanaugh Brawl


Senator Susan Collins is my hero for the day. I am always wary of Senators Murkowski (R-AK) and Collins (R-ME) when any check on abortion-on-demand is at issue. However, Senator Collins has been a true stateswoman in the Kavanaugh hearings. She has sent a letter to Chairman Grassley, published on her Senate webpage, which will make the absolute best out of the mess intentionally created by Senator Feinstein.

Senator Collins proposed the Judiciary Committee hearing open with the attorneys for the accuser and the accused questioning the two of them. This would let the strongest questions be asked before Senators start grandstanding or pulling punches. Senator Grassley knows he has a problem: he has no female Senator on his side of the room, so the optics will be bad if they don’t roll over. The two attorneys are both women.

Steven Hayward of Power Line believes that Senator Collins’ recommendation, if wisely adopted, will be decisive in this political contest:

#HimToo? Call Wavering Senators’ Bluff


If Sen. Flake, who the careful John Hinderaker now calls “traitor,” truly believes Judge Kavanaugh’s 11th -hour Democrat accuser, he will immediately call for the judge’s impeachment. If Flake and the abortion-on-demand supporters, Senators Collins and Murkowski, believe a word of the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, if they even really believe the allegation is serious, then they will also immediately hold a press conference demanding the impeachment of Justice Clarence Thomas. They will do no such thing because they believe none of this.

As John Hinderaker explains:

“Traitor” is normally considered a harsh word, but it is the only printable thing I have called “Republican” Senator Jeff Flake since he announced, a few hours ago, that he is “not comfortable voting yes” on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. His concern is the ridiculously stale allegation by Democrat professor Christine Ford that Kavanaugh groped her and tried to kiss her at a party when they were both high school students more than 30 years ago. You might reasonably think this is a joke. Unfortunately not.

Member Post


John Hinderaker of Powerline is hosting a gala dinner to benefit The Center of The American Experiment in downtown Minneapolis at the Hilton Hotel June 17th.  Tickets are $100, and go mostly to benefit the Center. John has been particularly effective in helping to turn around Minnesota (and irritate Al Franken), which is a great […]

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HWX: On the Radio


Ricochet goes terrestrial, with some of your favorite hosts broadcasting the old fashioned way, on the radio, via KYRC, Business Radio AM1440. Brian Ward and Paul Happe of HWX filled in on last weekend’s King Banaian Radio Show, with a strategic appearance by John Hinderaker of Power Line.

Topics addressed include a discussion of the economic impact of hosting an NFL playoff game (including fearless predictions of the Vikings-Seahawks tilt), an analysis of the December 2015 jobs report, and a discussion of “bum hunting” and how it relates to online fantasy sports, the stock market, and the real estate bubble.

John Hinderaker joined the conversation to talk about his new position as President of the Center of the American Experiment and mission to turn Minnesota red (politically speaking, that is; he’s not taking credit for this week’s subzero temperatures and its effect on human skin).