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Forget the Durham Report


When I heard from @rodin that the report on John Durham’s comprehensive investigation wasn’t coming out before the election, I was livid. I’m sure many of you experienced a similar reaction. But I started thinking about the investigation and its results, and realized that we might want to look at them with a revised perspective.

Let’s review the hopes we had when we learned that John Durham was on the case. We hoped that he would provide an incriminating report that would implicate every despicable action taken by the miscreants at the FBI. Perhaps even more important, we wanted justice to be served; after years of watching the attacks on Republicans by the political Left, asking for justice seemed appropriate and fair.

The assumptions we made early on were that the report would be published well before the election, so that the Republicans were less likely to be accused of political motives. We assumed that Joe Biden’s role in these activities would be included, and we would relish his trying to free himself from the entanglement with these outrageous acts. Finally, we wanted to ensure that the results could be acted on by a Republican-appointed Attorney General before the Democrats could bury the information.

Durham and Barr Must Begin Prosecutions Now


barr durhamPresident Trump rightly commuted Roger Stone’s politically motivated and decided conviction and sentence. John Durham and Attorney General Barr’s excuse of “pandemic” was stripped away the very first day of leftist mass street protests. If thousands and tens of thousands can march and shout slogans shoulder to shoulder, John Durham can interview every stinking witness and suspect and can present his case to a grand jury which most certainly can “safely” meet.

This is all a leftist and deep state ruse. It is deception by the supposedly straight-arrow Barr. If they will not indict now, if they delay until after the election, then they are enemies of the Constitution. They are, in fact, hoping for Biden to win or at least for a House and Senate in Democrats hands so they can avoid the enormous pain actually challenging the deep state, the uniparty in Washington with the media and economic elite wings of the statist establishment.

Apparently John Huber and Barr are in the middle of calculating which way they think the chips will fall in November.

After a surprisingly brief venting about how bad their football teams are, Jim and Greg serve up three good martinis.  They welcome New York Times polling showing Warren as the weakest major Democratic candidate against President Trump and an NYT editorial blasting Warren for falsely claiming that only billionaires would see higher taxes in her plan to pay for single-payer health care.  Then they relish the exit of Beto O’Rourke from the 2020 Democratic field and also hammer the media for building up Beto as some sort of transformational figure in 2018 when he was always an empty suit.  And Jim highlights his extensive profile of U.S. Attorney John Durham, the tight-lipped prosecutor tapped to investigate how the Trump-Russia investigation began in the first place.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Attorney General Bill Barr for appointing U.S. Attorney John Dunham to look into how the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe started and that all sides of the 2016 allegations will get investigated.  They also shudder as Rep. Rashida Tlaib doubles down on her suggestion that Palestinians willingly sacrificed to accommodate the modern state of Israel after World War II and then accuses her critics of being “racist idiots.”  And they note the presidential campaign of Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and how this supposed moderate vetoed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act just days before jumping in the race.