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George Will’s Advice to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell


On Wednesday, as the dust was settling, George Will published a column that deserves attention. In it, he suggested a number of measures that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should press as soon as the new Congress meets.

Some of his suggestions are obvious: the Republicans should repeal the tax on medical devices, authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, mandate completion of the nuclear waste respository in Nevada’s Yucca mountain. Passing these will place President Obama in the awkward position of following their lead or vetoing these popular and sensible measures.

Senate Republican Candidates Badly Underperforming in Midterm Elections So Far


shutterstock_180961367Writing in the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone has a sunny take on the upcoming midterms, predicting big trouble for the Senate Democrats. The essence of the argument comes from an excellent analytical article by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. Cillizza compared the public approval of Democrat Senate candidates with President Obama’s approval in their state. In every case but one (South Dakota), the Democrat Senate candidates are outperforming the president, sometimes by a wide margin. For instance, the Democrat running for the Senate in Alaska and Arkansas is 14% more popular than Obama is in that state. And these candidates are running behind their Republican adversary. In West Virginia and Kentucky, Democratic senate candidates outperform Obama by 12%. Barone (and Cillizza) use these numbers to show how much of a gale-force headwind Democrats face in the upcoming mid-terms. In other words, 2014 is a Republican year.

While it is undoubtedly true that the GOP has been enjoying exceptionally favourable circumstances, I have a more pessimistic take: look at how poorly the Republican candidates themselves are doing. A perfect illustration is Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell. He was first elected in the Reagan wave of 1984. He is currently the Senate minority leader, the most powerful Republican in the Senate, and has held this post since 2007. In 2012, Mitt Romney won the state of Kentucky with 61% of the popular vote. Obama only got 38%. No Obama sweep there. In the two years since then, Obama’s popularity in Kentucky has plunged to 30%.

By these measures, Mitch McConnell should be cruising to victory, and his opponent, Allison Grimes, should be a non-entity. And yet, he is only barely leading her in the polls. The possibility that the GOP will retake the Senate and Mitch McConnell will lose is unlikely, but it is nevertheless real. All of these facts taken together say one thing: Mitch McConnell is performing extraordinarily badly. He is simply an awful, unappealing candidate.

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This is not a story.  It’s not a leak.  It’s a campaign ad for the establishment.  The short version is this: By announcing that he will sue Obama, he generates a great deal of sound and fury, indicting noone.  By actually suing Obama, he gets this ball out of his lap for good, and nothing […]

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Political Suicide and Immigration


BorderMy friend, Bob Lee, says he found an LSU license plate for me, and on the back of the thing is the notice that it is an officially licensed NCAA license plate, which is much preferred to an unlicensed license plate, official or otherwise. Because the licentious licensing of unlicensed license plates can unleash all manner of licensed and unlicensed repercussions, particularly in a society that will go all litigious if an unlicensed licenser purports to license an unlicensed licensee in the licentious production and sales of unlicensed licensed merchandise, and Gawd help you if the federal Department of Unlicensed Licensable Licensers (DULL) wants in on the action, because they can really yank your license like nobody’s bidness.

Which is all well and good, I suppose, if the unlicensed or undocumented object is inanimate and not liable to hurt anyone. But what are we to do when such an object is animated and smashes in the skull of a lady cleaning the restrooms at a national monument? “It’s pretty amazing I survived,” said 60 year-old Karen Gonzales. “It makes me think that there is something else I have to do with my life.”

Beaten and left for dead by Gilbert Gaxiola, who is in the country illegally, Ms. Gonzales also sustained defensive wounds to her hands while attempting to fight back. Gaxiola beat her about the head with a rock, striking her so hard that the rock split in two. A dent in the metal doors bears testimony to the moment when he slammed her against the, before making off with her pickup truck.  

Is the GOP Deliberately Trying to be Irrelevant?


According the this morning’s Wall Street Journal, John Boehner intends to pass immigration legislation this year.  Boehner is “hellbent on getting this done this year” according to people at a Las Vegas fundraiser he attended.

Let me see if I have this straight: Boehner wants to pass immigration reform before this year’s mid-term elections?  Why would anyone want to bring this hot potato up now? Has he never heard the expression “Let sleeping dogs lie?”

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Welcome to my semi-annual contemplation of life after Boehner, a habit of rumination so successful that there was an actual ruckus in 2012 as rumors of a Republican revolt against Boehner in the House, played up ominously until the day of the vote when it fizzled like a bottle rocket in a tidal wave from […]

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