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Liz Peek of Fox News and the Hill, excoriating the Biden transition team for keeping the violent militants of BLM at arms length on the John Batchelor Show. They’ve earned a place at the table, she insists, and this is just another example of Democrats taking blacks for granted. So are we now to understand […]

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Recommendation From a Fan: The John Batchelor Show


I’ve been unreserved here on Ricochet in declaring my admiration for Milt Rosenberg and the manifold gifts he offers to those who listen to his podcasts. I know there are many among the Ricochetti who share that admiration. If you are one of them, I commend to your attention another podcast which, if you live outside New York City or Washington, D.C., may have escaped your notice. It had escaped mine until I heard our own Mona Charen extolling it on an episode of the Need to Know podcast. The John Batchelor Show airs seven nights a week in New York and Washington, but the podcasts are available on the show’s website and on iTunes.

Milt Rosenberg fans who are drawn to his eclectic mix of topics will be no less satisfied with the blend of guests and subject matter on the John Batchelor Show. Politics and current events are of course covered thoroughly, but like Milt Rosenberg, John Batchelor gives ample time to authors, especially those who write history. A sampling of recent shows includes discussions of WW II paratroopers, the exploration of the Arctic, the Battle of Gallipoli, and the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Mr. Batchelor’s interviews with authors are engrossing, and one gets the sense he knows the books nearly as well as the authors themselves.