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Senate Democrats’ Latest Filibuster Idea: An Update


Yesterday, I opined on the latest idea percolating among US Senate Democrats to get their partisan power grab on steroids – federalizing election rules in apparent violation of the US Constitution – through the Senate and on the President’s desk.

They focused on what Senate insiders call the “two-speech rule,” limiting every Senator to speaking twice on any question during a legislative day.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin for refusing to eliminate or alter the filibuster despite massive pressure from their own party. They also welcome the Supreme Court’s decision striking down President Biden’s vaccine mandate on all businesses with more than 100 employees while also noting a separate decision that upheld the mandate on personnel at health care facilities. And they take a look at even more signs that Russia may be planning to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Mitch McConnell’s efforts to convince Sen. Joe Manchin to switch parties as Democrats savage him for opposing BBB. They also dissect reports that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is listening to Republicans urging him to run for U.S. Senate, what his odds would look like, and whether conservatives would get behind him. And they remember one of the worst examples of media malpractice that played out 33 years ago this week during a terrorist incident in Los Angeles.

Joe Manchin Is Now Poised To Switch Parties


Democrats are melting down Chernobyl-style this weekend after U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., declared an end to negotiations over President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation bill.

No one should be surprised. The bill was strewn with political paybacks, pork, and budget gimmicks that would have made Jeffrey Epstein blush. A massive tax cut for wealthy homeowners in high-tax states. Tax subsidies for the news media and trial lawyers. Billions for “tree equity” in reliably Democratic urban enclaves. Billions more for electric charging stations installed based on “equity,” likely where residents can’t afford or don’t own electric vehicles. A federal government takeover of prekindergarten child care, coupled with generous child tax credits whether you work or not. Luxurious tax credits for electric vehicles based on whether they were union made. Chevy Bolts and Nissan Leafs would qualify. Nonunion Teslas, not so much. Elon Musk predictably opposed the bill.

Manchin Gives Thumbs Down to Build Back Broke [Updated]


Sen. Joe Manchin has been quite consistent for months. He was never going to vote for the left’s radical Build Back Broke bill. He could not stomach the price tag or expanding entitlement program contents, indigestible to West Virginians. Now he has gone from drawing red lines to killing the bill on “Fox News Sunday,” the week after the network added appeal by subtracting Chris Wallace. Bret Baier, a real reporter, got the scoop.

Stalking Sinema, Menacing Manchin, and Talking Trillions is Political Theater


Manchin Sinema SenatorsDo not be distracted by headlines, video clips and dollar signs. Stalking Senator Sinema, and menacing Senator Manchin, was indeed part of the process, the process of passing a radical rigging of politics and society. The wedding crashers, harassing Senator Sinema and ruining the big day for a bride and her mother, were bad theater this past weekend. The supposed negotiation over trillions in the reconciliation bill is primarily a deception campaign, luring the Republican establishment into going all green eyeshades about taxes and debt. Do not fall for the con, keep focused on the real game.

The recent stalking of Senator Sinema and menacing of Senator Manchin made for great political theater, complete with smartphone video. We got several news cycles of reactions. The president and establishment media declared the intimidation campaign “part of the process,” minimized the threats, and suggested Manchin and Sinema had it coming. Conservatives expressed outrage at the thugs and their establishment enablers. We can expect the same with the Arizona wedding stunt. All of this provided cover for Manchin and Sinema to eventually sign onto the radical reconciliation bill, and it will be radical, whatever the final sticker price.

Radical Reconciliation

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the strongest public comments yet from Sen. Joe Manchin about why he cannot yet support the massive reconciliation bill. They also chronicle Terry McAuliffe’s blatant lies in the closing days of the campaign, from falsely accusing Glenn Youngkin of being anti-vaccine to grossly inflating number of kids hospitalized with COVID. And they fume as more than two dozen New York City firehouses went out of service due to first responders being unvaccinated.


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Three statements, posted on the Senate web pages of Senator Manchin (D-WV) and Senator Sanders (S-VT) are worth reading. Each address the Xiden-Socialist scheme to truly transform America through the means of one massive piece of legislation fraudulently styled a budget reconciliation bill for the purpose of evading the Senate 60 vote cloture rule. They […]

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We’ve seen more double standards from our political elite over the past two years than the past 20 or more combined, from “rules for thee not for me” politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-French Laundry) to President Joe Biden calling Georgia’s fair election reform laws “Jim Crow on steroids” while his home state of […]

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I’m waiting for a sane Democrat (oxymoron alert) to say that it’s “darkest before dawn.” It would at least add a little levity to the negotiations that resemble more a locker room brawl that is spilling out onto the field for everyone to see. Nancy Pelosi broke her promise to vote Thursday on a bipartisan […]

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Hugh Hewitt, 65, hosts the second-longest-running radio talk show in the United States. With hundreds of affiliates in nearly every state, Hugh is also a former attorney, law professor, former Reagan Administration official, and perhaps the best interviewer in all media. I especially love how Hugh interviews journalists from the mainstream media and expertly schools […]

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Jim and Greg welcome poll numbers showing the recall effort against California Gov. Gavin Newsom gaining serious momentum. They also laugh at West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin for trying to pressure Republicans into supporting the “infrastructure” bill or else Democrats won’t spend trillions on that or on their even more bloated legislation. And they hammer New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for claiming he’s told the truth the entire time during the COVID pandemic.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for staying consistent on her refusal to kill the filibuster, much to the dismay of her party. They also wince as the Taliban  regains control in much of Northern Afghanistan amid the withdrawal of American troops. They end their discussion by highlighting the voter ID flip-flopping of Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock and other Democrats after years of calling the idea racist and tool for voter suppression.


Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate two Republicans reaching the runoff for an open congressional seat in Texas and parents fighting back against the “anti-racism” push in school board races. They also applaud Sen. Joe Manchin for opposing the lefty push for D.C. statehood. And they discuss the Biden administration’s efforts to ban menthol cigarettes in an effort to protect minority communities and the fierce opposition from the ACLU and others who argue it will only create more criminals.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Sen. Joe Manchin joining Sen. Sinema in refusing to end or reform the filibuster and hope he means it this time. They also shake their heads as another scandal emerges involving New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this time that they kept track of all nursing home-related COVID deaths but did not report them all. And they sigh as Virginia Dems flock to once-disgraced Gov. Ralph Northam for endorsements and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax ludicrously compares himself to George Floyd and Emmett Till.

Join Jim and Greg as they unload on teachers’ unions for rejecting CDC guidelines for schools and demanding even more money from taxpayers as they refuse to embrace in-person learning. They also rebuke President Biden for immediately demanding gun control legislation in the wake of mass shootings. They also welcome Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to such legislation but are cautious since Manchin could go wobbly at any moment on any issue. And they also have quite a bit to say after  Senators Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono briefly vow not to confirm any future Biden nominees unless they are minorities or gay.

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But can we really trust Joe Manchin to live up to promises to protect the filibuster? Non-partisan pollster Scott Rasmussen released results from a new poll on the Democrat’s “For The People” Act, HR 1. House Democrats voted in lockstep to pass the bill with 220 votes last week (minus US Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-MS) […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they relish Democrats likely having such a tight majority in the House that it will be tough for many to accept jobs in the executive branch because the vacancies could make it tough for Democrats to get much legislation done. They also hammer musician John Legend for suggesting you’ll do more good donating to Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Georgia than giving to your local food bank. And they update the infighting among Democrats by discussing the latest salvos from Joe Manchin and AOC.

Even Joe Manchin Can’t Resist the Left


As the Senators’ question time began last week, I offered a hopeful hypothetical, an imagined moment in which Senator Joe Manchin stood up for West Virginians and the party of FDR and JFK. I urged: “in the impeachment, it’s Joe Manchin’s time.” Sadly, we now know that even Sen. Joe Manchin no longer represents his state, whose citizens overwhelmingly support President Trump because he is actually for them.

Instead, Joe Manchin has called for a motion of censure, making a play to get four Republicans to join the Democrats against President Trump and his voters, a specious motion against normal presidential behavior of the sort these same senators condoned by inaction when it was President Obama. Sen. Manchin wrapped his surrender and service to the left in the false garment of “a moderate, centrist Democrat from West Virginia…” He showed no courage and spited the state that elected him more than once on promises of not being a tool of the bicoastal DNC governing elite.

If Sen. Lamar Alexander indulges Manchin’s gambit, it will be on behalf of big business and big agriculture in Tennessee, as they desperately fight to suppress American workers’ wages with an open spigot of cheap foreign labor and as their embrace of the radical secular social agenda is threatened by the first president since at least Reagan to actually deliver on the GOP social-conservative platform planks. Those planks are just supposed to keep the “Bible thumpers,” the rubes, in line at the ballot box, while substantial promise-keeping is only for defense contractor executives and big business.

In the Impeachment, It’s Joe Manchin’s Time


It is Senator Joe Manchin’s time to shine. It is time for him to stand up for party and for country. He has a chance to plant his standard in the ground and start rallying the Democratic Party back to responsible, American governance. Imagine this scene Friday, as the proceedings resume:

Senate Majority Leader rises: “I yield two minutes to the senior Senator from West Virginia.” A gasp and stir goes through the chamber, Chief Justice Roberts is gobsmacked. Sen. Manchin strikes forward and proclaims:

I am a Democrat.