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ACF Critic Series #39: Novels & Cinema


Today, I’m joined by Jody Bottum and Armond White to talk about novels and cinema–movie adaptations,  when they work, how they can improve on literature, and when they fail. We talk about why it’s never been the case that a great novel has been turned into a great movie. We also talk about the difficulties of turning narration into performance.

ACF Asia #9: Stray Dog


I talked to John Wilson and Joseph Bottum about Kurosawa’s Stray Dog, a movie about honorable policemen dealing with a generation of lost, confused Japanese youth in the aftermath of WWII, under American occupation, in a period when refounding Japan requires refounding the authority of the laws. Given our time of riots, when Americans are learning how many mad young men and women there are among us, this may be more urgent than we can have liked.

ACF Asia #7: The Bad Sleep Well


The podcast’s back to Kurosawa: This week we’re talking about The Bad Sleep Well, a wonderful 1960 revenge drama about the corruption of post-War Japanese elites. Crony capitalism, murder, traditions traduced, false identities, and Jody Bottum and John Wilson to talk to me about it. Next week we’re talking about Kurosawa’s Drunken Angel, for those who want a recommendation!

ACF Critic Series #19: Jody Bottum, ‘The 13th Warrior’


Here’s an unusual podcast. An epic, a flop, a small gem — Michael Crichton and John McTiernan’s The 13th Warrior, or Beowulf meets a Muslim poet. Jody Bottum and I talk about this rare look at the origins of civilization, freedom and empire, faith and fatalism. It stars Antonio Banderas; Omar Sharif has a good cameo in it. He hated the movie — everyone did. But your loyal critics are here to rescue it.