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Is this to be the last true Labor Day? This year’s elections, formally ending on November 3, will answer the question. The United States is a nation with a deep, rich tradition of honoring honest labor and of workers and workers organizations standing up for their interests and their human dignity. It is not true […]

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Ballots, Not Bombs


We are still a nation of laws. Our constitution—and the renewed, reasonable belief that elections matter for all of us—ensures that our political differences are largely managed through peaceful means. This year is no different.

In the past month, we have seen prominent Republicans terrorized with mailed bio-weapons, some of which turned out to be real, and some fake. We have seen prominent Democrats terrorized with mailed bombs, some of which (so far) turned out to be fake. Fake or real, the terrorist effect is the same.

The same law enforcement agencies, from local to national, must act will equal diligence, without respect to party or politics. Indeed, they were just as swift in arresting (at least one of) the bioweapon terrorist(s) who mailed ricin threats to Republicans, as they were in catching the mail-bomber who targeted Democrats. While the media has clearly chosen sides and treats threats differently depending on party (as Congressman Steve Scalise has noted), the American people see clearly.

Arizona Rally: The MAGA Main Event


This report follows an earlier report on the “opening acts” at the 19 October 2018, Mesa, Arizona, MAGA rally. The event started after a significant number of people were in the hanger, but while people were still being admitted both into the hanger and then into the overflow viewing area. The organization and execution of the event reflected great professionalism and experience. This set the stage for a successful appearance by the President and Senate candidate Martha McSally, both of whose performances are worth noting. We do not have a Texas-size population, but Arizona punches way above its weight.

Staging: Yuge congratulations to the City of Mesa, the Donald J. Trump MAGA event coordinators, and especially the Mesa Police Department! This event was at least double the size of the 2017 Phoenix rally and had none of the leftist mob drama. To be fair, the choice of terrain favored law enforcement, and discouraged significant trouble, before or after the event. Instead of urban canyons, through which small groups could maneuver and strike, the venue was at the edge of a former Air Force airfield, with open desert on its border.