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On Quitting My Job


“What makes you think you were doing bad work?” Asks the psychologist. Not a real one, just the call-and-response in my cranium.

“Well, there’s only so many hours a workday you can spend on Ricochet when you ought to be doing other things and still think you’re a good worker. I’m not going to sit here taking their coin forever when I’m not providing commensurate services in exchange. It’s dishonest.”

The Five Files: A Different Way to Think About Job Searching


career-changeOver the years, I’ve helped a lot of people write their résumés and cover letters. Not one of them enjoyed putting them together. It’s a lot of work. I once read an article about the steps companies should take to retain their favorite employees. The author pointed out that employees who left were most likely to do so in their first year. I laughed because I knew why: Those new hires had just gone through the job search process, their résumé and contact list were up to date, they were used to making phone calls, and they were used to interviews: “If I don’t want to stay here, I don’t have to.”

Let me give you some good advice based on having helped a lot of people with job searches.

1. Update your master résumé twice a year.