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Catholic University of America Honors Jimmy Lai


I have written about the CCP and about Jimmy Lai before, his legal battles against Xi, the shuttering of his Apple Daily, but the news I received today touched me very deeply. No, Xi has not discovered the courage and decency to release the great man. He still trembles in the threat of the truth. The walls that have sprung up in DC are a mere echo of Xi’s own measures.

But all of Xi’s measures did not protect him from a new humiliation. From a May 14 story in the National Catholic Register:

The Apple Daily Is No More


Today’s edition will be the last for Hong Kong’s Apple Daily. Police raids, the arrest of top executives, and the harassment of many other employees have brought the paper to the point where, for the safety of hundreds of employees, they felt they could no longer continue. The pressure to toe the Xi line or fold has been ratcheting since China imposed a draconian security law on Hong Kong, abrogating Beijing’s treaty with London when London ceded sovereignty of the island. The fragility of Xi’s rule is underscored by his terror of an honest and free press. More from the Epoch Time.

Bless the management and staff of the Apple Daily, and their leader Jimmy Lai. Their paper is gone, but the fight continues.

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Biden-linked Totalitarian CCP continues campaign against Jimmy Lai and free speech. After a judge released Jimmy Lai on bail pending a February court date prior to Christmas, a very public campaign of intimidation against the judge saw Jimmy back in custody for the new year. Notice the reverence in Hong Kong for social distancing among […]

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Quote of the Day: Jimmy Lai on Hong Kong


“When I escaped from China and came to Hong Kong, the contrast was that China was like hell and Hong Kong like heaven. Though I was very poor, I smelled the air of freedom and was full of hope for the future. That’s the way I thought heaven is.” — Jimmy Lai

Jimmy is a Hong Kongese Horatio Alger, arriving penniless in 1995, he made his fortune in the garment industry, going from rags to riches. He developed a reputation for straight-talking and defending liberty, which led him to create the Apple Daily. Under the new CCP oppression of the Hong Kongese, Jimmy and his Apple Daily were targeted. In the latest chapter, Jimmy was denied bail on December 3 and is currently being held under charges of cooperating with foreign powers.