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Oscars Ratings Fall to All-Time Low


I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Apparently, most Americans joined me. The final ratings are in for the 2018 Academy Awards and it ain’t pretty.

Jimmy Kimmel earned appalling ratings when he hosted the event in 2017, but this year’s broadcast dropped 19 percent from that to a paltry 26.5 million viewers. This makes it the least-watched Oscars in history. The previous record-holder was in 2008; last night’s entry garnered 5 million fewer viewers than that bomb.

Trying to put a shine on it, The Hollywood Reporter said the bad ratings were no big deal since they were totes expected:

Jimmy Kimmel Wishes “Riddance” to Republican Viewers


Listen to Jimmy Kimmel talk about the fact that his popularity among Republicans has plunged since he started pushing partisan politics. (It’s at the 20:04 mark.)

It’s obvious that he knows how awful and stupid he sounds saying, “I don’t care if Republicans watch my show,” but he wants to say it because it’s clearly how he feels. So when he’s asked if his attitude toward non-liberal viewers is “Good riddance,” he demurs:

Jimmy Kimmel Is a Bully


Jimmy KimmelThe latest spearhead for the “reasonable” Left’s response to Las Vegas has been found in the heartfelt, but factually false monologues from Jimmy Kimmel. Now, unlike many on the Right, I don’t harbor a dislike of the man himself. He seems a decent fellow and brought one of better libertarian-leaning minds to us, Adam Carolla. I no longer watch Kimmel, or any late-night comedians for that matter, as they continually find joy in insulting me while their barking seal audience lauds their vitriolic approval with enthused applause. Why would anyone want to be attacked before going to sleep by a supposed moral authority?

Back in his youth, Kimmel said he wanted to be David Letterman. For the same reason, I didn’t watch the not-so-funny Letterman at the end of his career either. However, just because we don’t watch him, we still can’t escape his political prolix. His rants are being replayed everywhere. Kimmel is affable and sympathetic, and many of us can envision being friends with him outside of the political debate. But he is currently being a bully. A great big, ignorant bully. In fact, he is the most dangerous kind of bully. Since he elicits empathy from a great number of people, he is elevated as a voice of reason and is now being used by the left to carpet-bomb their enemies, us.

He taps into our raw emotion, confusion, fears, and anger when we are most vulnerable. He sounds moderated in his views and effectively lectures us on his “facts,” which sound like common sense. If you throw out everything you know, whether it’s on healthcare or gun rights, Kimmel seems wise, truthful, and tearful, therefore those who he has determined are on the other side of his “truth” must be ignorant, hateful, and/or evil. I won’t get into numerous details why Kimmel is factually wrong on the gun rights debate, but recommend watching the always thorough Ben Shapiro who covers it here.

Jim Geraghty of Natonal Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America sigh as liberal late night comedians demand new gun control legislation while getting their facts wildly wrong.  They also react to reports that President Trump does not appear likely to embrace gun control efforts in the wake of the horrific attack in Las Vegas that killed dozens and wounded hundreds.  And they shake their heads as White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney  – a deficit hawk while in Congress – says he is embracing deficits as part of the emerging tax reform legislation.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleasantly reminded the Democrats are also deeply dysfunctional as former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. says he doesn’t know what his party’s economic agenda is.  They also sigh as late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel suddenly becomes the media’s benchmark for whether the latest GOP health care bill is a good idea.  And they groan as four NFL players want to institute a month dedicated to social activism, similar to how the league devotes a month to breast cancer awareness.

Can Republicans pass the “Are You Smarter Than Jimmy Kimmel” test?

Did Trump’s tough talk  on North Korea create progress or chaos?

Spencer Stone: The Calm American


Most of us know the story by now: Spencer Stone was relaxing with his friends on a train in Europe when he noticed a train employee sprinting past his seat. He sat up and saw a shirtless man wearing a backpack and cocking an AK-47. “So I was just like, well, he hasn’t started shooting yet, so I’m not going to die sitting down,” he says calmly in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, in which he reveals more details about the thwarted attack.