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Otto Warmbier and the Triumph of the North Korean Propaganda Machine


What are we to make of the strangely incurious reaction by most media outlets and commentators toward the charges levied by the North Korean regime against Otto Warmbier? Even if one accepts that civilized countries should tolerate the manhandling of their citizens by thug regimes for such ridiculous “crimes,” I find it odd that nobody is really questioning the facts surrounding his arrest.

Most of the articles and commentary I’ve read (including those by people sympathetic to his plight as well as the “white frat boy had it coming” crowd) accept uncritically that Mr. Warmbier took down a propaganda poster in a restricted area of his hotel (to their credit @jaynordlinger and Jim Geraghty appear to be notable exceptions, but the Smart Girls and many other Ricochet podcasters appear to have accepted the factuality of Mr. Warmbier’s offense). This despite the fact that:

Kurt Schlichter, Jim Geraghty, Dr. Larry Arnn and Robert Davi


Authors Note: Due to the large number of interviews we elected to post multiple videos in a few posts. This will be the first of a short series. Videos are at the bottom of this page.

First, a CPAC Recap

Sandwiched between the front half and back quarter of the hall, the media section was dead quiet during the speeches. The media’s mostly younger faces were either stoic, smug, or somewhat bemused by the theater of it all. President Trump came to thank and rally his base and the media plebs wouldn’t have any of it. When the crowd roared with approval, the bearded, horned-rimmed New York Times writers and pantsuit brigades at CNN and Yahoo! “News” sniffed contempt.