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Did You Know There’s a Propaganda War Going On?


Hearing so many in right-world harrumph in unison about the new propaganda war is heartening. I guess. From Jim Eagle laws in Georgia to pay-for-play in Florida to nothing-to-see-here in NY nursing homes, it’s clear that many on the right have decided that it’s time to think about getting out of bed to clean house a bit.

You see, the media has just started a 24/7 propaganda campaign acting as an arm of the progressive political movement. That’s right, this new development is suddenly more dangerous than the baseline of regular old bias we’ve been familiar with for so many decades. Because now a decidedly ordinary and non-racist voter reform law is being vilified unfairly to the tune of 30-some percent disapproval (more than enough, apparently to get major corporations to declare their fealty publicly and with their bottom lines on the line).

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Joe Biden compared Republican measures to combat voter fraud and error to the regime of laws and practices used to oppress American POC after the Civil War. That right there is some major obtusity. Is it deliberate? In some cases, yes, but in other cases I think these people are sincere, which if so calls […]

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