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Mueller Re-indicts Scooter Libby


Last Friday I stumbled into an ugly DC building on Pennsylvania Avenue in search of the IMC (International Mensa Convocation) where I was scheduled to speak.

After a lingering probe of each of my numerous body cavities, the comely security guardette directed me to check out a meeting room on the second floor where she said there were “a number of other odd-looking people” gathered.

Richard Epstein parses the memo recently released by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, a document that they claim shows impropriety in the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

Richard Epstein responds to suggestions that the Justice Department may appoint a special prosecutor to probe corruption allegations around Hillary Clinton. Also on the docket: exactly how independent of presidential prerogative should attorneys general be? Is it time for Jeff Sessions to step aside? And are the legal suspicions around both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton evidence of a decline in America’s leadership class — or proof that, for all its flaws, the system still works?

Death Toll Rises from GOP Health Care Bill and Big D’s Tweets


On leave from helping my attorney, E. Hobart Calhoun, investigating the collusion and conspiracies at the FBI and DOJ in the appointment of Special Counsel Robert “Ferris” Mueller, I caught up with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Sarah Bellum, my longtime psychiatrist and fellow Mensa member, on Chicago’s South Side.

“Keep your head down,” she yelled as I crouched behind her shot-up Hummer on its side in the middle of the Chicago street.