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Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America tackle three crazy martinis today.  They wade into the battle of monstrous egos as CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta grandstands and tries to debate President Trump about the migrants headed for the U.S. border and Trump responds by calling Acosta a “terrible person” and pulling his White House press credentials.  They also recoil as Antifa protesters find the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, damaging his front door,  and chanting that they know where he sleeps while Carlson’s wife hides in the pantry.  They get a kick out of the rank hypocrisy of the left-wing Women’s March for berating the white women who voted for Republicans.  And Alexandra takes us inside the North Dakota and Indiana Senate wins for the GOP and what she learned from covering those two races closely.

Hot Winds from Washington, the Press, the Imperial Presidency, and You


I’d like to speak to you today about how you are contributing to the fall of the republic. Yes, I do mean you. Oh, I don’t think that it’s intentional on your part. I’m certain you mean well and would like to see our republic strong and healthy for years to come. But, I’ve been watching you, and actions speak louder than words. Quite frankly, your words are also much too loud and supporting the demolition of the republic, but your actions are even worse. You act as if you have forgotten what it is to be a free and sovereign citizen of a republic.

In a republic, the sovereignty rests with the citizens. They are the deciders. They elect people to represent them in governments at various levels, but these representatives are merely citizens hired to do the business of their constituents. They are not elevated above their fellow citizens, they are selected and paid to serve, like you might hire a maid or a gardener or a plumber. Monarchy means the rule of one, and in a monarchy, the sovereignty rests in the monarch. A monarchy does not have citizens, the monarch has subjects. So, why are so many of you free and sovereign citizens acting as if you were subjects of a monarch?

Rule 19 for Media?


Last week at my local Mensa Club klatsch I mentioned that my high-energy college basketball coach, Al E. Oops, was in town for the “Rule 19 For Media?” conference at our local university.

I was shocked to learn that many in our club did not know I was an NCAA Seventh-Team All-Conference Honorable Mention in college, and still hold the record at my alma mater for most double-dribbles in a single game.