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I wanted to make my first post on Ricochet a response to the excellent post written by user Sisyphus about the neglect of the jazz genre. I will say that, while jazz was far from over in 1980, it had been reduced. 1960s classics like Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Duke Ellington’s Money Jungle […]

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Another horrific mass shooting, and again the shooter’s weapon was completely legal.  What does this mean for the gun control debate?  We ask Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com.

GOP poll numbers are down but Republican Ed Gillespie is in a neck-and-neck race in the purple state of Virginia.  David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner has the latest numbers and analysis.

The Cost of Winning


Over at Hot Air, Jazz Shaw describes his experience being interviewed for The Daily Show:

They had a long script of questions, and a number of them were asked multiple times to see what variety of answers I might give. I was consciously working during every exchange to not give them any short, clipped, yes or no answers that they could weave into the segment out of context. I anticipated some of the obvious ones they might ask. One great example showed up when they asked me about details of the drill bits, how deep in the ground they went and how long they stayed down there. The obvious implication was that it was dumb to “raise awareness” by painting the bits pink because so few people would ever see them. When she asked me how many people actually saw the drill bits I smiled and said, “well, between CNN, MSNBC and now the Daily Show… tens of millions? So I guess it worked out okay after all.”