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Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Post of the Week Created with Sketch. Can we stop saying “God-damn”?


On this week’s podcast, Rob felt it necessary to say, “God-damn.” Last week, James was similarly compelled to say, “God-damn.”

My recollection is that Ricochet has a code of conduct which supports civility and prohibits vulgarity. Does this phrase not violate that code?


Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 13, 2017 – it’s the Those Damned Old People edition of the show. We set out clearly and distinctly, at the top of the show, to delineate clearly our topics. and then we just talk about James Comey and the failing battle against the deep state.

We do, after all, talk about TrumpCare. Question number one in that context is: does the folderol of the Russian collusion theater actually make a difference on the progress — or lack thereof — of Trump’s legislative agenda? Seems like Paul Ryan thinks that even if the White House burns down the folks on Capitol Hill, they will continue moving forward (though no doubt at their glacial pace). To wit, it looks like, all of a sudden, certain liberal outlets (e.g., Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo) are getting frantic that Obamacare is actually about to be repealed and replaced. I have no idea if this is the good repeal and replace, the dreaded Obamacare-lite repeal and replace, or something in between. But I am not particular. Any repeal and replace will make me happy — just a question of degree.


Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for November 1, 2016 it’s the Conrad Black’s Life Matters edition. Our special guest is Lord Conrad Black founder of The National Post, author of highly acclaimed biographies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and Canadian TV personality. Lord Black is an outspoken Trump supporter who writes for the National Review. He will discuss with us, among other things, what makes America the greatest country on earth and how the “Bush-Clinton-Obama co-regency” threatens to derail that greatness. Further, as a personal acquaintance and longtime business associate of Donald Trump he attests to Trump’s solidity as a businessman and loyalty as a friend (to say nothing of his basic sanity).

Also, we’ll talk about FBI Director James Comey’s leap back into the middle of the 2016 election and the torpedo he launched at the HMS Hillary last Friday by reopening her email investigation. Does Hillary’s first instinct of demanding that Comey release everything immediately make sense? Is her second instinct – to assassinate the messenger by slamming Comey – work any better? Is the enthusiasm gap, where Trump now leads by seven points according to one poll, enough to tilt the election to Donald?


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Joy of Red on Red


The saving grace of the 2016 Presidential election for conservatives is Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and subsequent nomination for the Democrats. By contrast, Donald Trump is so adept at distracting attention from his blatantly superior policy positions with (let’s call them) his personality warts that conservatives are often at each others’ throats defending and attacking him. With Hillary, at least, everyone can pile on with joy when her corruption is exposed (excepting, of course, those conservatives who have actually endorsed Clinton).

So I am hoping at least that the entire Ricochet cosmos is enjoying those zany but adorable couples, Hillary and James and Huma and Tony starring in the latest hit comedy remake of The Honeymooners (“to the moon, Hillary!”). (Perhaps there is a more current metaphor).