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A Palestinian State Would Mean Israel’s Destruction


The completion of the marathon series of elections in Israel could determine the nation’s existence. If Netanyahu loses, Benny Gantz as prime minister will likely return Israel to the Leftist positions. Although Gantz has been characterized as a moderate, he may be offering those positions for public consumption. The fact is, Gantz is an unknown politically, and Israel needs a leader who will take clear and firm positions.

A number of issues have shifted in the Middle East that suggest Israel is not criticized as severely as it has been in the past. That shift begins with Arab countries that have discovered they have much to gain militarily and commercially with Israel. This change doesn’t mean that these countries will embrace Israel; in fact, many of the exchanges between the two countries are only first steps, and those countries could always sever their connections. But at this time, Sudan, Saudi Arabi, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Morocco, and Bahrain have all showed an interest in changing their relationships with the Israelis, agreeing to a “normalization of relations.” Behind those decisions, for example, are the purchase of spy equipment by the Saudis, discreet meetings with a Minister of UAE; cooperation between Israel and Egypt to provide security in and out of the Gaza strip; a security buffer between Israel and Jordan, as well as Israel supplying Jordan with water.

All is not rosy, however, internationally. The United Nations continues to try to cripple Israel. Most recently they created a boycott list against Israel of over 100 companies, which is clearly political and meant to be punitive:

Guide to 2019 Israeli Election


What? Elect the 120 Knesset members, who will determine which 61+ Knesset members will select the Prime Minister and run the country (in conjunction with the Deep State, the oligarchs, and the media).

When? April 9, 2019

An Israeli Referendum


benjamin-netanyahu-us-congressThey say one should never fall in love with a politician. Ideas, yes, but never the person. They tend to fail and ultimately break your heart. I’ve agreed with that rule and followed it religiously — until the levees broke a few weeks ago.

On March 3, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in an historic speech on Iran, Israel, and the future of Western Civilization. I can’t really remember when I last felt such pride. I’m not sure I have ever engaged in that kind of uncensored admiration

It wasn’t merely his words, eloquent as they were, but the fact that my leader of my state had been given this honor and had made Congress rise to its feet no less than 25 times (yes, I did count). I was proud, and I wept as he said that “if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will still stand.” Those words filled my heart and straightened my spine, and as the applause roared I could clearly see the straight red line from where we have been as a people to where we stand today: with each other, with Bibi, having the ear of the world.