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Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at Israel selling an air defense system to the UAE, demonstrating the success of the Abraham Accords and best chance at stability in the Middle East. They also cringe as Russian soldiers are going house to house in eastern Ukrainian provinces, forcing them to vote in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia.  And that’s on top of Vladimir Putin threatening more directly than ever that he might use nukes. Finally, they call out the “gender-inclusive” insanity at the Air Force Academy, where cadets are encouraged to stop using words like mom, dad, boyfriend, and girlfriend.


On this week’s episode of Parsing Immigration Policy, host Mark Krikorian is joined by Akiva Lamm, the government and communications director for the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, based in Jerusalem. Krikorian and Lamm explore the striking similarities between the immigration-control challenges faced by their respective countries.

The IIPC was established in 2012 in response to the illegal infiltration of “asylum-seekers” from Sudan and Eritrea across Israel’s desert border with Egypt – a problem very similar to the one faced by the U.S. on its own southern border. It was solved by the construction of a barrier along Israel’s entire 150-mile border with Egypt, though Lamm stresses the need in addition for a legal “wall”, to deter possible infiltrators and visa-overstayers from breaking the law in the first place.

A Member of the New Axis Takes a Big Hit


The Israeli Air Force conducted an airstrike against an Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile factory and storage facility in Syria. There are estimates that 1,000 surface-to-surface missiles were destroyed in the strike, which took place August 25.

(TPS) An Israeli airstrike on Iranian targets in Masyaf in Syria on Thursday night resulted in the destruction of a large number of surface-to-surface missiles that were being produced with Iranian guidance, the Syrian Observatory for Hunan Rights (SOHR) reported.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud the GOP’s ingenious new strategy to register angry voters at the gas pump ahead of the upcoming midterms. They rebuke Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger for his preachy and illogical call for Israel to do more for Ukraine. And despite nobody inviting him, Dr. Anthony Fauci returns to warn that mandates and other measures may need to return if COVID numbers begin to climb again.


Join Jim and Greg as they roll their eyes at the overdue admission from the New York Times that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian misinformation, but a real story as the New York Post reported in October 2020. They shame the United Nations for being an expensive “Debate Society” that has proven itself completely useless in solving international issues. And despite its long record of evil, including the targeting and killing of American troops, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps may soon lose its “Foreign Terrorist Organization” tag as part of the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

Join Jim and Greg as they dive into a new poll showing Democrats underwater with Hispanic voters and what it means for the upcoming midterm elections. They also criticize the Biden State Department’s meek responses to missile strikes close to a U.S consulate in Iraq and Russian strikes near the Polish border. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comforts Americans struggling with higher prices at the pump and grocery store by assuring them that runaway government spending actually decreases inflation.

Join Jim and Greg as they dive into the thrilling tale of an Israeli spy who was able to infiltrate the murderous Iranian regime and gather critical intelligence from her close relationship to top officials. They also shudder at the latest inflation numbers and lay out the real effects of inflation on Americans of every economic class and background. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims with a straight face that Russia “didn’t invade Ukraine”.

US Supports Terrorist Organizations and Criticizes Israel


The Biden Administration is furious with the Israeli government for announcing that six NGOs are supporting the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The EU is also wringing its hands. It just so happens that the US supports those same NGOs, and claims that Israel didn’t tell them in advance that they were going to publicize this investigation. (Israel says it did tell the US.) I guess the Biden Administration assumes that it could somehow have kept Israel quiet or pre-empted the country’s announcement with denials. The fact remains, though, that the US has known this information for a few years and doesn’t like to be called out for its questionable behavior.

So when we get past the finger-pointing, what makes this story so ugly?

First, the PFLP is one of the oldest terrorist organizations, and has acted many times over the years against Israel. The organization receives millions of dollars in support from all over the world. The NGOs that were identified are described below.

Join Jim and Greg as they give a small cheer to the White House Press Corps for being loudly ushered out of the Oval Office without being allowed to ask any questions. They also unload on the Biden administration for allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country over the past several months through the catch and release approach, which means we’ll probably never find them again.  And they call out the anti-Semites in the House Democratic Caucus who forced the defunding of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense in order to pass a bill to keep the government open and to raise the debt ceiling.

Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at the new hi-tech details surrounding Israel’s successful targeting of an Iranian nuclear scientist back in November. They also welcome the perfectly logical conclusion of the Senate parliamentarian that amnesty for illegal immigrants does not belong in a budget reconciliation bill. And they vent as the Pentagon actually admits its ISIS-K drone strike actually killed a bunch of innocent people but top officials somehow stand by the intelligence behind the strike.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the great story of an Iranian defector dedicating his silver medal to Israel. They also fume as the CDC and the Biden administration force vaccinated people to wear masks again. And they slam President Biden for nominating someone who doesn’t believe in prosecuting drug dealers and other crimes to be a federal prosecutor.

Ex-Mossad Head to Iran: ‘We Won’t Let You Get Nuclear Weapons. What Don’t You Understand?’


Retired Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.

Every few months for the past several years, there’s an “incident” in Iran. A top nuclear scientist disappears. A centrifuge facility catches fire. A ship doesn’t make it to its destination. And the Israelis offer no comment.

That is, until now. Yossi Cohen, who stepped down as leader of the Mossad intelligence agency last week, provided a stunning inside look at Israel’s efforts to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Jim and Greg discuss a rebuke by 12 House Democrats of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet comparing the U.S. and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas, the new record-breaking numbers of border crossings in May, and the continued expansion of inflation.

Journey to Jerusalem


I was fifteen the summer my folks took me to the airport and waved farewell, as their number one son set off on a journey halfway around the world. I had no traveling companions, there were no cell phones, but I had traveler’s checks, a suitcase packed to the packing list, and a clear set of written coordinating instructions from Tel Aviv to the hotel in the Arab sector of Jerusalem. I was the first of three siblings to take roughly the same journey on the same archaeological expedition over a bit more than a decade. Remarkably, my folks had no serious reservations about turning me loose on the world, in an era of hijackings and occasional Cold War flavor terrorism.


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In a sign of internal political stability, Israel has chosen its new President in the person of Isaac Herzog. Iran’s largest warship caught fire and sank in the Gulf of Oman.  Update: And the Ishfahan Oil Refinery operated by the Tondgooyan Petrochemical Co. near Tehran is on fire. Yesterday was a very good day for lovers […]

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The Middle East Is in Deep Trouble—and So Are We


How many times did the Obama Administration lie to us during Obama’s Presidency? Most of us have probably lost track. But did you realize that they lied at least 14 times about the JCPOA? President Trump removed us from this abomination of a deal and instituted sanctions on Iran for their duplicitous activities on the JCPOA; unfortunately, the Biden Administration has reversed his actions and even worse, are using most of Obama’s original team to complete the deal with Iran. These activities will not only jeopardize peace in the Middle East, but create an existential threat to Israel and most importantly, put our own national security at risk. The arrogance and naivete of Biden’s team is pathetic at best, and treacherous at worst. We are all in deep trouble.

The Biden Administration has decided that Iran is a better choice for leading the Middle East than the Saudis. They’ve demonstrated their intentions in a number of ways. Although Secretary of State Blinken has stated that the U.S. must “toe a harder line” in the JCPOA negotiations, our actions have confirmed the opposite. (This excellent article explains what is occurring in the “negotiations,” and the reasons.) A key player for the U.S. team is Robert Malley, who was on Obama’s team, and seems to be driving the Biden strategy. Biden’s people agree not only that Obama’s original agenda must be completed, but they have already agreed to a number of concessions in principle. Abbas Aragchi, Iran’s lead negotiator in Vienna, indicates the following:

The American negotiators, he claimed, had already agreed in principle to remove sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, automotive industry, financial services, banking industry, and ports—to eliminate, in other words, all of the most significant economic sanctions ever imposed on Iran. Recent statements from Biden administration officials give us no reason to disbelieve Araghchi, and the smart money is now on a full resurrection of the JCPOA in relatively short order.

Calling Out Aggression in the Mideast


As of this writing, the relationship between Israel and Palestine has taken perhaps its most dangerous turn since the Israelis made their controversial decision to leave Gaza in August 2005. To my mind, that agonizing decision was, at the time, the lesser of two evils. For Israel to govern Gaza, which had only around 8,500 Jewish settlers, the Israelis ran the risk of becoming a hostile occupying force with little or no local legitimacy. Using powerful force to respond to concerted attacks from Gaza after pulling out was the better alternative. Once Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, it quickly initiated military attacks on Israel in 2008, 2012, and 2014, with large losses of life on all sides.

In this instance, as in all others, it is inappropriate to posit moral and legal parity between the two sides. In all cases, Hamas was the aggressor. It is a moral blunder to equate Israel’s targeted self-defense with Hamas’s aggression. To be sure, in practice there are often complex ethics that challenge the imagination, but the key to understanding Gaza is to avoid the mistake of assuming that any balance in the number of deaths and casualties offers evidence of moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. As Bret Stephens recently wrote in the New York Times, the moral imbalance between Israel and Hamas looms as a huge obstacle to any two-state solution in the Middle East.

So long as Hamas is active, the Israelis cannot afford to deploy the same strategy of calculated withdrawal on the West Bank that they used fitfully in Gaza. Gaza can be isolated by land and sea. The West Bank, however, borders Jordan, through which other Israeli enemies like Iran and Syria can easily set up hostile military positions close to both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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A week ago it looked like Israel might be on the cusp of electing a new, Bibi-free government that included an Arab party.  This wasn’t going to be a cosmopolitan suck-up government; the parties involved were not exactly moderate, yet their only path to power was to cooperate with those who normally would be their […]

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How Not to Win Friends and Influence People: Noa Tishby


red green capitalI wanted to like Noa Tishby. I was prepared to hear her out as a courageous voice in Hollywood and a potential cobelligerent against the new Red-Green alliance.* I value Scott Johnson’s opinions in the main, having followed PowerLine Blog since they eviscerated Dan Rather’s attempt to steal the 2004 election with a blatantly fraudulent story about George W. Bush’s Texas Air Guard service record. Scott recommended readers to “meet Noa Tishby.” So, I read Robert Sarner’s Times of Israel profile “Israeli actress Noa Tishby’s ‘Simple Guide’ to Israel shakes up US progressives.” So far so good. Then, I followed the link to Matt Lewis’s long-form web video interview of Noa Tisby on the new book she reportedly wrote entirely on her own, Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth. Sad.

I embed, you go watch and decide, then come back to check my opinion. Or read on and then go check my assessment against the tape. By way of warning, this was not safe for younger children’s ears. This is so for all too many web-exclusive videos. She asks the profanity question, common these days as a “mind if I smoke” question used to be. Once the cursing/smoking light is on, the filter comes off, especially late in the interview when she talks about being a woman in Hollywood with “Weinstein” being the daily norm for decades.