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First-Hand, Tragic Account of Growing Up Palestinian


I’ve seen a lot of videos, listened to many podcasts and read a great deal of history about Israel and the Gaza War. Nothing has shocked me as much as this interview with Dor Shachar, who spoke to Marissa Streit, CEO of Prager U. I rarely watch long videos, but I was mesmerized and appalled at the stories that Dor shared about growing up in Khan- Yunis, his rejection of Islam, his difficult journey of converting to Judaism, and his candor throughout. The horrors that he relates about his own life—being beaten, imprisoned, condemned and rejected by his family—are difficult to comprehend.

Quote of the Day: Deception


When you start to realise how much of what you’ve constructed of yourself is based on deception and lies, that is a horrifying realisation.– Jordan Peterson

Now I believe I can hear the philosophers protesting that it can only be misery to live in folly, illusion, deception and ignorance, but it isn’t -it’s human. Desiderius Erasmus

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This newspaper is so old, that one of the news stories is about a US visit by the Graf Zeppelin…the airship before the Hindenburg…that would be 1929.  And the other story is about the massacre of Jews by Arabs–almost 20 years before the establishment of the state of Israel. Preview Open

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Desiring Life or Death


Jews only read the story of King Solomon commanding to cut the baby about once a decade. We’ll be reading it this Shabbat. The story is fascinating, with a dead baby and a live one, and the defendant’s plea:

“my son is the live one, yours is the dead one”

Israel Intelligence Chief Betrays Israel


After reading the accusations about IDF Intelligence Chief, Maj. General Aharon Haliva, I still can’t believe that this man has not been kicked out of the IDF, never mind not imprisoned. The level of treachery that he committed that may actually destroy the country of Israel is mind-boggling. Basically, the man discounted, with overwhelming evidence at his fingertips, that Hamas posed a threat to Israel.

How is that possible?

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Surveys show a disturbing degree of support for Hamas–and even justification of the October 7 atrocities–among younger Americans…and also, following the posting of Osama bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ recently on TikTok, a significant number of people–again, especially younger ones reading it for the first time–reacted favorably to his message.  Anti-Israel views among the young […]

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Thank You, Ricochetti


I was a member here a few years ago. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, whenever I hear of Jews talking about how alone they feel since October 7.

Because of my time at Ricochet, I know that I am not alone.  I know that many people stand with us, and see what we see, and feel what we feel.

U.S. Turns on Israel


Like me, you may have assumed from everything Joe Biden has said, that he has Israel’s back. I have news for you—he’s really working for Hamas. That sounds like a drastic comment, but in the video of this post, Caroline Glick lays out the hypocrisy of Biden, and how I believe it has not only crept up on Benjamin Netanyahu, but on the American public. And I’m alarmed and angry.

As I describe what has actually been going on, I think you’ll be able to see how the rules have changed (if you’ve at least partly followed the words and actions of the U.S.) Let me provide you with a summary of Glick’s observations.

No ‘Pause’ without Freedom for Hostages


As of this writing, the fighting in Gaza continues to rage, as the Israelis have surrounded the Hamas forces, now trapped in the elaborate tunnels that had allowed Hamas to launch its unprovoked and bloody assault against Israel on October 7—yet another day that will live in infamy—with its 1,300 Israelis dead and tortured and thousands more wounded. The fierce Israeli response has without question killed a large number of civilians, many of whom have been used by Hamas as human shields in violation of the laws of war. The proposal recently put on the table by President Biden and his secretary of state, Antony Blinken, is to allow for an immediate “pause,” which the New York Times calls something short of a traditional cease-fire, even if for some indefinite duration. The humanitarian case for the pause is that it will let desperately needed supplies reach the Palestinian civilian population and will allow for the orderly movement of women and children to lands south of Gaza City in relative safety.

But the Biden proposal falls short on at least on one point. It claims that the pause gives both sides time to negotiate for the release of Hamas’s hostages. But Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu surely has the right opening negotiation gambit: there must be no pause until the hostages are unconditionally released. The sequence really matters. It is naïve to ignore that any pause for such negotiations would give Hamas a chance to draw out the negotiations indefinitely, and further to insist that certain other conditions be satisfied by the Israelis, including the release of Hamas soldiers and other prisoners in Israel now held for the commission of violent offenses—people who could rejoin the struggle once the pause has been concluded. Why is Israel bound to negotiate for the release of hostages who never should have been captured in the first place? The Israelis have already secured the release of five hostages, but no one can claim that they must now give something to Hamas in return.

As is well known, many of the hostages are not Israelis, but come from other countries. Thus, the total includes some 54 citizens of Thailand, none of whom has dual citizenship with Israel, and at least 138 hostages with foreign passports from places like Argentina, Germany, the United States, France, and Russia, some of whom may well be dual Israeli citizens. One of the marks of terrorism is the indiscriminate use of force, and Hamas has yet again exceeded the bounds of decency by holding these innocent parties in its attempt to extract gains from Israel. It is within Hamas’s power to release these persons—all of them—immediately, and to account for those who have died during their long ordeal. For anyone to insist that the hostage release become part of some negotiations puts these captives at undue risk.

The Hollow Men


…and hollow women, too.

I’ve been writing for years about the rise of toxic ideologies on America’s college campuses – totalitarian, anti-Israel, outright anti-Semitic – but still have been surprised by what has happened in these places since October 7.  We need to discuss the reasons why it’s gotten so bad.

The Latest Attack on Jews in the US


As the crowds scream their hatred at Israel and Jews at or near the universities, and support for the Hamas terrorists, the tensions between Jews and non-Jews in this country continue to grow. The practice of anti-Semitism to such an extreme degree is new for Jews, and we don’t know what it means for our future. As if those protests weren’t concerning enough, the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) practice is raising its ugly head:

The BDS movement was formed by the League of Arab States in the mid-1940s. It barred trade with Israel and encouraged boycotting groups that still chose to do business with Israel.

In 1977, the U.S. Congress passed anti-boycott legislation that prohibited American citizens or businesses from refusing to do business with Israel at the request of other foreign governments.

Son of Hamas Has More Moral Clarity Than Much of the West


Hey, members of the “Squad,” Tlaib, Omar, AOC, Pressley! Hey, so-called civilized countries, United Nations, elite universities, and all depraved, Hamas-supporting deniers of Israel’s right to exist. I have a message for you, straight from the heart of “Palestine”:

Your cause is “sick” and comes “from the pit of hell.”

Will Hamas Win the Propaganda War?


As we watch with alarm the pro-Hamas protests that are taking place all over the world and in the U.S. in response to the war in Israel, I can’t help but wonder about the mindset of these people. Can it really just be about anti-Semitism, meaning that you can cheer on the attackers and destroyers? Do all of those people ignore the evidence about the vicious attacks on civilians, women, and children in Israel, or do they simply not care because they are Jews?

Especially concerning is that when this conflict is over (and I have to assume it will end one day), what will world opinion say about the two adversaries? What happens if the world condemns Israel and supports Hamas? You may say that couldn’t happen, but if you look at the propaganda war that Hamas is waging, I wouldn’t be so sure. Even when Hamas acts in ways that hurt the Palestinians, the world takes their side. Let me give you a few examples:

  1. Demanding a cease fire to bring in humanitarian aid—there is no way to be assured that the aid that comes in will not be taken by Hamas for their war efforts. John Kirby with the NSC even tried to re-label the cease-fire by calling it a “pause,” but even if they took that approach, international pressure would likely demand that it be extended or that negotiations commence. Meanwhile, watch for pressure from the United States and then other nations to ramp up the aid on behalf of the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Hamas will steal the aid for themselves.
  2. Hamas builds hospitals, schools, homes, and businesses over the huge maze of tunnels they have built. Hamas isn’t reluctant to use human beings as shields, even their own people. Every time Israel tries to destroy a tunnel that provides a safe haven for Hamas, they could be destroying the people in the building above ground, as well as those in the tunnels, including not only Hamas fighters but hostages and other civilians. Striking hospitals, even under these circumstances, will bring Israel’s fighting strategy into question. And of course, many Israeli soldiers will die, no matter how advanced their techniques for tunnel destruction.
  3. Hamas has told the Israelis from the start to enact a cease-fire so that negotiations to release the hostages can take place. Acquiescing to any demand from Hamas would put Israel in a weak position, and the Israelis would not have the power to insist that Hamas agree to their terms. At this point, there is no way to know how many hostages are still alive. Although every human life is precious, hundreds if not thousands of lives could be at stake if negotiations for hostages took place.
  4. Most of the mainstream media is colluding with Hamas. Reports of the activities on October 7 are limited, so, information on the full horror of the Hamas attack can only be found on certain media.
  5. Even the media is using the pejorative language of Hamas: words like apartheid, colonialism, occupation are commonplace. Every time these words are used, they condemn Israel—and sympathize with Hamas.
  6. Iran will continue to supply Hamas with weapons, and at this time, there is no indication that anyone, including the US, is prepared to stop them. Joe Biden is either intimidated by Iran or still harbors the outrageous belief that he will be able to negotiate an agreement with Iran.
  7. When hospitals are hit with weapons, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reports the number of people killed or wounded. The PMH, however, has been shown in the past to be unreliable regarding the accuracy of these numbers. We saw this verified when Hamas blamed Israel for striking a hospital, claiming hundreds were killed; instead, an out-of-control missile from Islamic Jihad was responsible, and many fewer were hurt. Neither Hamas not the PMH corrected the record.
  8. Israel will enter Palestinian villages if they are harboring Hamas leaders, as they did in Jabaliya, a Hamas stronghold. In the process, many Palestinians will also perish. These actions ensure that the Hamas leadership is destroyed, but the Israelis will be accused of killing civilians.
  9. Protestors insist that the stories of Hamas atrocities are misinformation, even though Hamas filmed their actions of attacking, burning civilians, and killing babies.

*     *     *     *

Florida Bans Pro-Palestinian Groups from Campus


It’s time. They’ve had their say, intimidating Jewish students through their words and actions. They have dragged our rights to Free Speech to a new low. And Gov. Ron DeSantis has said, “enough.” Here’s what’s been enacted:

The head of Florida’s university system has directed schools to disband campus chapters of a pro-Palestinian student group he alleges are aligned in support of terrorists. In a letter Tuesday to the state’s 12 university presidents, State University System Chancellor Ray Rodrigues said two Florida chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine ‘must be deactivated.’ A spokesperson for Gov. Ron DeSantis said the governor directed that the University of Florida and the University of South Florida remove the groups immediately.

Free Palestine (for Real)


The United States toppled Saddam Hussain and expected the spontaneous creation of a free society. That is not what occurred. When Khaddafi and the Taliban were toppled the outcomes were the same. When the West allowed the Mullahs to take over Iran they may have expected freedom from the Shah to be replaced with freedom, period. Instead, a cult of violent and expansionist messianic Muslims took over the country. The Egyptians overthrew Mubarak, and then the Muslim Brotherhood took over. They went back to dictatorship. After the fall of the wall, Russia descended into chaos and then slipped gently into an ever-strengthening dictatorship. Indeed, if we look back through history, most revolutions do not lead to greater freedom or a healthier society.

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Douglas Murray is smart. I like him as a pundit, and I like most of what I’ve heard of his guiding principles. His latest piece in the NY Post, though, while fairly considering counter points, ends with incorrect conclusions based on differences in basic assumptions. Here’s the link, and it’s worth a read, as he […]

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