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I’m sure there have been plenty of Jihadis over the years that decided the going wasn’t worth the sacrifice, but now that the Iraq and Syria conflicts are winding down there have been a slew of them: Hoda Muthana, Shamima Begum; Safiya Zaynab, Shabina Aslam, Alireza Sabar; Mohammed Ali; Sufyan Mustafa. You can Google these […]

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Predictions: Top Ten Stories of 2016


Inspired by the last moments of this week’s Ricochet Podcast, I offer you my predictions for the Top Ten News Stories of 2016.

  1. US stock market crash. People will talk about it being the 1930s again.
  2. Hillary Clinton drops out of the race “for health reasons.”
  3. Electorate in UK votes to leave the European Union.
  4. Terrorist attack by jihadists at the Mall of America or a similar gun-free zone.
  5. Collapse of the Euro and the beginning of the break-up of the Eurozone into two zones.
  6. Republicans sweep White House, House of Representatives, and Senate.
  7. Trump leaves race after SEC Primary.
  8. Economic collapse in China as its centralized and managed economy implodes.
  9. Obama’s Imperial (and anti-American) Presidency becomes more so.
  10. Obama Administration’s Syrian refugee policy fails and poisons the Democrats electoral prospects.

Obviously, I’m not going to bet that all will occur, but I believe certain trends are going to result in events of this sort in 2016. It’s likely to be an annus horribilis for America and the Western world, with a few exceptions.