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What We Learned About Modern Feminism from Santa Barbara


YesAllWomenI’ve been reluctant to comment on the horrifying mass shooting in Santa Barbara over Memorial Day weekend, as there is certainly nothing I – nor anyone else – can say to make sense of this tragedy. Yet on Friday I was a panelist on PBS’s To The Contrary, where I had to discuss the incident, and I thought it was appropriate to expand on the discussion here.

There has been no shortage of writers who have felt obliged to share their opinion about this awful event. But this deluge of commentary immediately in the wake of the murders is not only grotesque and self-involved, but also threatens the health of our society.

At the very least we ought to be skeptical of anyone who tries to offer insight – much of which has led to absurd conclusions like blaming actor Seth Rogen for this atrocity. But really we ought to be much angrier – and much more forthright – about those who have tried to extrapolate something larger about American culture, gender relations, or sexual violence from this horrible incident.