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A popular debate tactic for Team Chicago in the election of 2012 was to paint Mitt Romney as an Etch a Sketch candidate eager to return the world to a Cold War stalemate even as he warned of the serious consequences of an administration more interested in counting spilled toothpicks. Barack Obama addressing growing threats in Moscow, Iran, Afghanistan, the West Bank, and Central America took a back seat to hilarious one-liners referencing Gordon Gekko and Ivan Drago.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. I Believe We Have a Duty to Condemn Anti-Semitism and Unprovoked Acts of Aggression Against Israel


Throughout my lifetime, everyone I know has decried anti-semitism and denounced the genocidal horror of the Holocaust, many virtually implying it could never happen today. Surely we are more enlightened now. “Never again.”

We tend to look upon the German population at that time with disdain for standing silent and/or acquiescing in the slaughter of innocent Jews, as if to suggest such passivity or tolerance for unspeakable evil could never happen among civilized peoples.


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ISILWhat is the moral, intellectual, and policy terrain on which Barack Obama will decide whether we turn over Iraq to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant? Is it the national interest of the United States? The potential consequences of Iraq’s collapse? The stability (or lack thereof) of our allies in the region? Existential threats to Israel? Fundamental human rights concerns over the bloody fate guaranteed apostates, unbelievers, and women? The answer is as shallow, disappointing, and vile as you can possibly imagine. Barack Obama’s only concern is his political legacy, which is why he’ll do just enough in Iraq to fail.

Our policy toward ISIL has become about the Obama brand, as every decision by this White House always has. You can predict Obama’s behavior by asking how it effects his image. Policy is just a means to an end for the profound, gnawing narcissism that fuels him. Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what you can do for the Obama legacy.


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VoxVox continues to do God’s work by providing crucial context explaining current events and helping to create an informed citizenry able to understand the complex world in which we live. With ISIS militants at the gates of Bagdad, Dylan Matthews has cut to the heart of this multifaceted issue and provided crucial insight which will enable readers to make informed judgments about what America’s response to this situation should be. His article, “17 Reasons not to trust Dick Cheney,” is truly the key to understanding the shifting dynamics of war-torn Mesopotamia.


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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. ISIS Publishes New Rules for Islamic Caliphate


Bp7Uw_xCIAA0wTMISIS, last seen rolling across Iraq, has published new rules for the recently captured province of Nineveh. Reporter Jenan Moussa of Dubai-based Al Aan TV took to Twitter this morning to translate some lowlights from the document:

  • For those asking “who are you?”: We are soldiers of Islam and took our responsibility to bring back the glory of the Islamic Caliphate.
  • Money we took from the Safavid government is now public. Only Imam of Muslims can spend it. Anyone who steals, hand will be cut off.
  • We ask all Muslims to perform prayers on time in the mosques.
  • We warn tribal leaders and sheiks not to “work with government and be traitors.”
  • No drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes allowed.
  • For the police, soldiers and other kafir institutions, you can repent. We opened special places that will allow you to repent.
  • Gatherings, carrying flags (other than that of the Islamic state) and carrying guns are not allowed. God ordered us to stay united.
  • Our position on shrines and graves is clear. All are to be destroyed.
  • For women, dress decently and wear wide clothes. Only go out if needed.
  • People, you tried secular rulings (Republic, Baathist, Safavides) and it pained you. Now is the time for an Islamic state.

And here I thought America was the only country Obama was going to ruin.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Decisions and Consequences in Iraq


Following the apparent capture of Mosul, rumor has it that the Iraqi government is quietly asking for American air support against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Rumor further has it that President Obama has denied this request.

I don’t know what we should do about Iraq’s apparent slide into al-Qaeda-dominated anarchy (I lean toward doing nothing, but am open to persuasion). In their different ways, all the options seem terrible, be they leaving the Iraqis to their fate or re-involving ourselves in their country. There’s likely no good solution, only a series of bad ones, some of which may be marginally less awful than others.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. A Violent Weekend


Let us begin our tour with a quarrel in a faraway country. As Yahoo Japan reports, “A Vietnamese fishing vessel has sunk after being rammed by a Chinese vessel and the 10 fishermen have been rescued. While Vietnam has not responded yet, the Coast Guard warned “the situation at the site it very tense.”‘

This is not an isolated incident, but rather an escalation of recent tensions. It is most likely a response to last week’s announcement of cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, which followed the Chinese “deploying an oil rig off the Paracel Islands, which Vietnam also claims, leading to physical clashes between Chinese and Vietnamese vessels.”