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Breaking News: God Is a Republican!


In a roundabout way, the Infernal Revenue Service has declared God to be a Republican. Have a look:

An IRS official denied tax-exempt status to a Texas group that encourages church members to pray for state and national leaders regardless of their party affiliation because it benefits “the private interests of the [Republican] Party.”

Massive IRS Breach or Leak against “The .001 Percent”


Propublica, a leftist media organ, has just published an article on the wealthiest Americans, based on what they acknowledge to be illegal disclosure of taxpayers’ information. They will almost certainly not be prosecuted by the leftist DOJ careerists, once again backed by leftist political appointees. The leftist White House media mouthpieces are good with the felonies and already framing this as the rich not paying their fair share.

We see the set-up for Propublica’s June 8th publication in the June 7, 2021 White House press briefing:

It’s all good news on Tuesday’s Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a new rule which no longer requires many nonprofits to disclose donors to the IRS. They also cheer retail sales from May more than doubling expectations and suggesting Americans are ready to buy again. And they cheer politicians in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn for defying New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and busting open locked playgrounds in response to the city’s heavy-handed crackdown on the Orthodox Jewish community over COVID restrictions.

Thanks, IRS


Nice news from the IRS yesterday.  About two months ago we received a letter about our 2017 taxes.  Dear Mr. and Mrs E, we think you owe us about $7,000.

Turns out they were right that I missed reporting the cost basis for a mutual fund that we sold.  But I wrote them back explaining that the mistake actually caused us to overstate our gain, so we didn’t think any additional tax would be owed.  I was hoping they would just let it slide.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that tax refunds are now slightly outpacing the amounts issued last year by the IRS.  They also examine the record of the latest Democrat to run for president – former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper – and whether he has any path to victory.  And they get a kick out of New York Sen. Gillbrand insisting she’s not a flip-flopper after running for Congress as a moderate Democrat and now running for president as a ardent progressive.

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For this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast, my guest was Rich Higgins. Higgins, an expert in unconventional warfare and combatting terrorism with over 20 years experience at senior levels of the Defense Department, and early supporter of President Trump, served as director for strategic planning in President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC). Preview Open

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to the IRS reportedly ignoring whether taxpayers failed to purchase health insurance in 2016.  They also discuss the latest revelations surrounding Mike Flynn and the leaking to the media by career national security personnel.  And they discuss the early speculation that Kid Rock may be recruited to run for U.S. Senate in Michigan.

A Smoking Gun


IRS ScandalIt has been obvious to anyone who has paid attention that the Obama administration made use of the Internal Revenue Service to confine and paralyze the Tea Party movement by denying many of the organizations that grew up after 2009 the tax-exempt 501(c)(4) status they sought or by delaying until after the 2010, the 2012, and, in some cases, the 2014 elections a decision on their applications. Back in May 2013, the Inspector General for the Department of the Treasury issued a report, revealing that, starting in 2010, the IRS had singled out groups with words such as “patriot” and “Tea Party” in their titles for intensive scrutiny and that at that time they “began using inappropriate criteria to identify organizations applying for tax-exempt status (e.g., lists of past and future donors).”

With Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and their minions in control of the Department of Justice, there was never any chance that there would be a full-scale investigation of these shenanigans and the lodging of criminal charges, and John Koskinen, who took over the agency at the end of 2013, has dragged his feet at every turn, vociferously denying that anything partisan in nature was done.

Judicial Watch, which has doggedly pursued this question through a Freedom of Information lawsuit first brought in October 2013, just discovered a smoking gun — notes taken at an interoffice meeting held in Washington DC, ca. August 2011 — where then IRS Director of the Office of Rulings and Agreements Holly Paz reported on what was going on:

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There are good reasons for letting Hillary Clinton retire quietly to Chappaqua, and the Huma Abedins and Lois Lerners slither back to their abodes, without pursuit for their crimes:  1) The electorate has already administered a sort of rough justice to Hillary and her coterie Preview Open

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In a new ruling, a federal judge slammed the IRS for continuing to hold up 501(c)(3) applications of TEA Party groups.  Here it is from PJMedia: After the IRS admitted it was maltreating the groups in 2013, the agency began to process most of the applications — but some of the groups sued, and the […]

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Turning the Tables on Sen. Warren


sen warrenSen. Elizabeth Warren grilled Wells Fargo’s CEO when he appeared before Congress Tuesday. The bank’s head, John Stumpf, came to Washington to answer for Wells Fargo employees who created millions of unauthorized bank and credit card accounts in the past five years. This earned the bank extra fees, of which the customers were unaware, while making Wells Fargo look like a great investment to Wall Street.

Warren thinks that the bank firing the 5,300 employees responsible is just window dressing. “You should resign,” Warren told Stumpf. “You should be criminally investigated.” A video of the exchange captivated struggling Americans angry at the elites who keep getting richer while they’re looking for change in their sofa to keep the lights on.

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We know that tax returns of politically active conservatives are not secure; they are, in fact, occasionally leaked. By the IRS. More than once. And associated confidential filings to the IRS are also leaked when it aids the Liberal Cause. The fact that Trump’s returns have not been leaked suggests to me that the Democrats (and specifically the Obama administration) consider it in […]

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On Abolishing the IRS


taxfairy“Claire,” I hear you all say, “You spend all of your time raving about Donald Trump making nutball promises to a credulous electorate. Why don’t you ever point out that Ted Cruz’s nutball schemes make no sense, either?”

(Actually, no one has ever said that to me, not even once, but I realized it this morning while I was reviewing last night’s debate transcript, so I figured this was a good opportunity to prove I’m equal-opportunity indignant. I’m against-all-nuts. It just hadn’t occurred to me that one of Cruz’s promises is Trump-level nutty: I was so busy barreling down Trump Tunnelvision Turnpike that I forgot to turn on the Cruz Control.)

Now, like every live-blooded American, I love the words “Abolish the IRS.” I love them so much that I didn’t really think deeply about them. The words themselves had me hypnotized, like a python in a snake-charmer’s gaze, giving me a tingly-all-over yes! feeling. (How could Cruz be doing so poorly in the primaries given this absolutely beautiful campaign slogan? Those are the winningest words in the English language.)



Jeb BushI am an admirer of Jeb Bush. He was a first-rate governor in Florida. Unlike Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, he would not have to learn all that much on the job. He has executive experience. He has dealt with emergencies. He knows where the buck stops, and I am confident that he would handle foreign policy well.

This is no small matter. Foreign-policy competence is the sine qua non for everything else. Defending the national interest is the main reason we have a federal government. Paul, Cruz, Rubio — none of them has ever run anything larger than a medical practice. They would make freshman mistakes, and you and I would pay dearly for their blunders.

That having been said, I am wary of Jeb. He is too close to the Chamber of Commerce. He is too sympathetic to illegal immigrants. I would not trust him to put an end to the mass influx into the United States from abroad, and I do not like his stance on Common Core. He is a big-government Republican who is perfectly happy to encroach on state and local prerogatives. There is no way that he would cut back on the administrative state. With the right folks running the show, he would think, all will go well.

Rejoice!? Things Are Bad


shutterstock_232343860James of England posits that things are going really well. I replied:

Our government is the Leviathan. It is always expanding its reach, limiting our freedoms . This is not, of course, merely a matter of spending. It is a matter of crushing regulations, seizures of all matter of property without even a nod to due process, ridiculous overreach in attempts to make US regulations apply in every corner of the globe, automatically giving coercive and violent power to bureaucracies that do not need them, and cannot be trusted with those powers. It is a matter of blind obedience to stupid rules without any recourse to common sense. In other words: the Right may win elections. But the bureaucracies are winning the country.

But I would go further than this: The Federal Bureaucracy has become hopelessly politicized. When Joe the Plumber’s records were “leaked” seven years ago, it was not done at Obama’s command. It was a voluntary act by a government employee who was genuinely trying to help. More recently, we’ve had the IRS target and destroy political opponents.