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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the DNC seriously looking at shaking up the order of primaries and caucuses and removing Iowa from the top of the order. They also fume as President Biden won’t even listen to endangered Democrats in his quest to end Title 42 and unleash a far worse border crisis. And they dissect how CNN+ imploded in just three weeks after a massive $300 million commitment to the project.

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Conventional political wisdom, as it were (remember, Donald Trump was NEVER supposed to win), suggests that special elections are not indicative of trends in the electorate leading up to a mid-term or presidential election. Maybe, maybe not. It depends on several things, including the nature of special elections themselves. What are the demographics and political […]

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Jim and Greg discuss 88-year-old Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley announcing he will run for an eighth term next year and how he is probably the best GOP option to hold the seat. They also highlight the fact that dozens of California school kids are desperately trying to leave Afghanistan and the Biden administration and the media pretend it’s not even happening. And they hammer Biden for promoting the despicable lie that border patrol officers on horseback were whipping Haitian migrants.

Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of President Biden celebrating a very meager goal in getting kids back in the classroom.  They also fume as Biden sides with the WHO in wanting to “pause” the patents for the companies that developed the vaccines in order to boost production. And they react to Democrats debating whether to remove Iowa and New Hampshire as the first caucus and primary states because they’re too white.

Jim is back! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for speaking the truth about the new Georgia elections bill and contrasting it with the hyperbolic lies of the left. They also examine the bizarre effort of what Jim calls the “Democrat outrage complex” to get the Major League All-Star Game moved from Atlanta. And they welcome the news the Democrats are no longer trying to steal an Iowa congressional seat but the excuse for giving up the effort is truly pathetic.

Join Jim and Greg as they are glad to see at least a few House Democrats wanting little to do with Nancy Pelosi’s effort to steal a House seat away from the GOP. They also mourn the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, and rip into the constant habit of partisans trying to  instantly blame their political rivals for the evil actions of someone else. And they not very impressed with Sidney Powell’s assertion that she can’t be sued by Dominion for defamation because no reasonable person should have believed what she was saying about the 2020 elections.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a six-vote win for Republican Marianette Miller-Meeks in a very tight Iowa House race. They also hammer China for covering up what it knew about COVID in the early days of the pandemic as leaked documents confirm what many suspected for months. And they slam a Detroit Free Press columnist for labeling every man, woman, and child as a potential serial killer since they could possibly spread COVID.

Sea Change: No One Blaming Iowa on Trump!


I’ve scoured all the usual suspects across the Internet, excluding social media, only because … raw sewage. But neither the alphabet media nor the NY or LA Times nor the Post nor Pravda has attempted to blame Iowa on Trump.

If anything, they seem to be hoping the whole kerfuffle is forgotten before someone ties their performance to a long string of epic political blunders. Like nominating Hillary so she would retire the DNC’s massive debt in 2016, or staging the most ham-handed coup attempt in the history of the republic in the name of protecting democracy. A move so reminiscent of mid-20th-century fascism that their preemptive accusation of fascism against the opposing side signaled their own transparent perfidy.

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This could be counterproductive for a political site, but given the last few months – and the last week in particular – I feel like I do after the Super Bowl or World Series: glad for the break. Yes, there’s plenty to discuss. Yes, the Super Bowl provides a few days of commentary about the […]

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Another wild day in a very busy week! So grab a stool and join Jim and Greg as they break down the latest headlines. First, they get a kick out of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately following up the impeachment trial by filing cloture on five more judicial nominees. They also feel like wretching as mainstream media figures who savaged Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign suddenly extol him as a man of faith and principle because he voted the way they wanted him to. But they also spend time highlighting figures on the right who were way over the top in their condemnation of Romney. And they try to make sense out of the latest scraps of conflicting information coming from Democrats in Iowa while also looking ahead to New Hampshire.

Have We Seen the Last Iowa Caucus?


The Iowa Democratic Party is in disarray after its debacle Monday night. They had four years to prepare for their first-in-the-nation Caucuses; as the night draws to a close they have no results, no explanation for their failure, and no excuses.

The results of the Republican caucuses came in fast, showing Trump the overwhelming winner. After hours of silence, the Democrats said they are delaying any results. “We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results,” communications director Mandy McClure said. “In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report.”

This, after bragging about how ready they were for this pivotal night.

Finally, the Cure for Toxic Masculinity!


Don’t like prison food? Tired of being held responsible for all of those criminal convictions you racked up? Maybe there’s a sex crime or two or ten on the list? The state about to lead the nation on president selection is leading the way on enlightened rehabilitation! From Iowa:

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office is no longer seeking the commitment of a former Midwest Christian Services student convicted of myriad sex crimes because the individual now identifies as a woman.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss what readers can expect in Jim’s new book, Between Two Scorpions. Joe Biden flip-flops on trade and calls President Trump “an existential threat” to the United States. Meanwhile, Democrats in Iowa grow more uncertain as to who they will support from the busload of presidential candidates.

Spreading Joy to Soyville, RV-Style


Ohio farmers are worried. But a guy named Sonny has swung by in his RV to reassure them. Sonny Perdue, the US Agriculture Secretary, is on an RV tour of several “flyover” states, reassuring farmers along the way that tariff tiffs will not harm them.

As the soybean industry assailed President Donald Trump today for launching a trade war with China, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said Trump assured him that farmers in Ohio and across the country “will not be allowed to be the casualty in a trade dispute.”

Hair Salon Owner in Iowa Fights Back Against Liberal Attacks


Ivanka Trump was making an appearance in Des Moines and she went to a local hair salon to have her hair done. When some other patrons of this salon heard about Ms. Trump’s visit, they responded the way you would expect. They initiated a social media storm, calling for a boycott of the salon and swearing never to go there again. Fortunately, the salon owner did not yield to the crap being thrown at her.

Any Ricochet members who live in the Des Moines area, check out Salon Spa W and give Ms. China Wong kudos for her response to the Facebook slam.

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We departed Rapid City on Saturday morning, heading due south on the Heartland Expressway, a road running between the Black Hills and the Badlands. We planned this as a brief travel day, just a 4 or 5 hour push to get to the middle of Nebraska along US 20 for one last easy camp. My […]

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Trump’s Kryptonite


bergen-at-communipaw-13aug8Jersey City is a long way from Iowa, and in a sense even further from Manhattan, certainly if you travel way up the hill away from the river. And yes, record buyers have political opinions, too, even if collecting things is just an excellent distraction from tedious reality, one that doesn’t destroy your health. Around here, we stay away from the talking heads of Fox and MSNBC and just go out on the street and talk to the peeps. Like the guy who sells me my paper on Communipaw Avenue, far from the Wall Street crowd that’s rapidly taking over Jersey City.

“Steve, Donald Trump ain’t gonna run for nuttin,” says Rickie in his African-American twang as he hands me a paper through the car window. Sixty-something, skinny and a bit cramped-looking, he continues: “He don’t wanna lose. And he will lose big-time to Miss Hillary. Get it? Trump knows what folk will do when they get into that votin’ booth.” Rickie squints his eyes and crunches up his face to make a point. “Steve, you’ll see. You heard right here from Rickie.”

Rickie, like too many people, doesn’t vote. (He doesn’t use his real name either, because, “Hmm, it’s bit risky out here on the street.”) But he may have a point. I’m not sure that Donald Trump wants to go down in history as the biggest lout ever to lose in a landslide. And I really think it could happen, regardless of the polls. No one talks about it because there’s too much advertising money at stake. Would you breath a word about this probability if it took campaign money out of his rivals’ pockets?