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Content to Be a Cog, Part Two: Pursuing Opportunity


I scored the job interview–the one vetting me as a candidate to work with kids who have autism–but I almost canceled it. The process looked intimidating: thirty minutes to read and respond to questions, followed by an in-person meeting with multiple hosts. And honestly, if driving were to be a big part of the job, I wasn’t sure I was up to that level of responsibility behind the wheel. I was also considering a lucrative role as a dog sitter and childcare provider for a couple of doctors, one that would leave me free to work on my online job during the day. Why put myself through a rigorous interview process and waste everyone’s time if I didn’t plan to take the job? I felt tired just thinking about it.

However, I decided to keep the appointment for several reasons. First, I had learned that being open to experience was often more rewarding than not. I knew I was vulnerable to narrow judgments that, should I hearken to them, could result in missed opportunities. Second, plain old inertia had me considering action soon before the interview, and I thought it would be bad form to cancel so late. Besides all that, I was a second-stringer in the doctors’ home position, waiting on whether the young candidate they were currently trying out would sink or swim–and that was a job where I’d be regularly ferrying the professionals’ precious cargo to and from school. So, I opted to pursue opportunity by getting my car professionally cleaned (a small drama in itself) and following through on the invitation to talk further about the autism position.

Actors on Actors: Learn to Like ’em


Variety has a series on YouTube where they pair actors and have them interview each other. It’s good viewing and the results are sometimes surprising. It does one other thing, I think: shines a light on their professionalism and how serious they are about what they do.

More often than not we view Hollywood with disdain, and it is certainly true that few of the people in these videos would feel politically at home here. None of this is about politics, it’s entertainment; or to them, it’s about craft and art. I enjoyed seeing their commitment to the work.

Let the Sun Shine In


As Mark Davis says “Trump makes everyone better.” President Trump just issued an executive order linking federal grants to real protection of free speech on college and university campuses. Unlike Obama administration “Dear Colleague letters,” this will be a publicly taken presidential action, with clear political accountability. This move suggests two other actions the president can and should take, in short order.

Executive Order on Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities

Issued on 21 March 2019, this executive order addresses the importance of free and open debate and the outrageous cost, with subsequent debt burden, of higher education.

Member Post


OK the whole decision to treck over Mexico and crash the border is traumatic, especially with children. But are we going to have to make asylum seekers “un-fragile” before they are interviewed? This article looks like material for a new crisis, and almost proves there is no end to the creative possibilities. Of course they […]

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Journalism and Non-Literal Communication


Pseud’s recent post about Sharyl Attkisson fact-checking Trump’s passing remarks about McCain raises an interesting dilemma for journalists. How do you report on non-literal statements?

As I said in my comment there, I believe Trump was clearly being sarcastic when he said, ”[McCain] is a war hero because he was captured.” The implication, as evidenced by surrounding remarks, was that McCain is not a war hero because accidental suffering does not make one a hero. (That’s not to say Trump is correct or that he shouldn’t have followed the comment by acknowledging that McCain served with honor, at least. But that’s a discussion for other threads.)

Still More Classic Audio Just Posted


Every week, more or less, and at our other website (www.miltrosenberg.com), we post five or six “classics” from the only radio program that ever got its proprietor the National Humanities Medal. That was in an East Room ceremony with President George W. The occasion thrilled my two grandchildren as much as it gratified me to know that thoughtful and intelligent conversation, often with a conservative tilt, is valued. The ultimate proof of that was not the award but the persistently high ratings. That long-running program has now given way to our weekly podcasts with contemporaries worth talking and listening to.

But in response to the thousands of requests (yes, literally) for a lasting archive we have been putting up five or six of the prior programs each week. A few hundred are now available for streaming or downloading and we will soon be adding ten new “classics” every week.