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That is not a rhetorical question. There are indeed things we value more than life itself.  That is why soldiers risk death in war, rather than surrender to conquerors and live under oppression That is why police officers patrol the streets, rather than surrender to criminals and live in abuse. That is why civilians risk death every […]

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Moral Niceties and the CIA


It’s only natural for a leftist to quip “we are better than that.” That pretty much sums up the moral orientation of the liberal. The critique is little more than a wish for pleasant things that work. The self-righteous preener rarely has an answer to the question “what would you suggest to make us better than that?”

Comedian Evan Sayet has a test for identifying the liberal in the room: he’ll be the one who chooses evil over good. The test is extraordinarily accurate. On abortion a lefty will choose death over life. On economics he’ll see the maker as a greedy money grubber, and the taker as the victim who is denied social justice. He’ll defend the terrorists, who he sees as the oppressed, and who only behead because the imperialists have a foot on their necks.