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My Time as a Ricochet Summer Intern


shutterstock_284543039As I end my month-long internship, I’m looking back on all the opportunities I had to write for Ricochet and to learn about running a website. My first task was to help create a Ricochet style guide. Before I had started this internship, I had no idea what a style guide was but, with the help of one of the editors at Ricochet, I learned fairly quickly. The process taught me various grammatical rules and even what should and shouldn’t be capitalized to make Ricochet consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

With my interest already being rooted in the editorial side, I was excited to write and can gladly say I’ve written two posts for Ricochet. From showing why increasing the minimum wage would lead to more unemployment to repeatedly calling Democratic governors’ offices to ask their views on Planned Parenthood, it has been a great learning experience.

Interacting with Ricochet members also stood out. I can safely say that the members here are the most pragmatic, smart, and articulate commentators I have seen on any website. I conversed with many during the GOP debate and during Ricochet podcasts; both were great experiences. Some assert controversial things and most have a firm grasp on politics and the world in general. They helped me to learn a great deal.