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After Lyndsey’s grandma got scammed, Lyndsey and Kelly talk about how to get woke and protect your grams.

The Rough Men of Digital War


We stand in a silent and invisible maelstrom, a storm of digital violence, of virtual measures and counter-measures executed at nearly incomprehensible speeds.

Three days ago the most powerful internet attack ever launched was directed at an internet site used by millions of software developers. GitHub, the site in question, is home to thousands of important software projects — projects that make the modern internet possible. The motives of the attack are thus far unknown, as are the perpetrators. (A much weaker attack three years ago was likely the work of the Chinese government.)

What makes this particular attack important is not the damage it did — GitHub was shut down for all of nine minutes — but rather the intensity of the assault and what it suggests about the growing capabilities of digital bad actors.