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Being a bipolar psychologist must be quite an experience: “Huh. Here I am, entering a manic state, and even thinking about my disordered thinking. I could give a lengthy disquisition on the neurochemical causes of bipolar disorder. Yet I can’t seem to do anything about it. How very ‘meta’ (as the kids say). Consciousness is strange.” […]

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An irony of Donald Trump: in the process of besting Hillary Clinton, he also divided conservatives into three camps. So contends Tevi Troy, a best-selling author and political analyst who worries about the lack of an intellectual presence in the current White House.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Dennis Prager: The Left has Intellectuals, But It’s Not Intellectual


Dennis PragerDennis Prager sits down with Dave at #Politicon to discuss Jews on the Left, free speech on the college campus, why it’s not enough to prevent conservatives from speaking; it is now necessary to prevent conservatives from appearing even when not speaking (the Left’s effort to not allow Dennis to make music in Los Angeles). We also discuss how Leftist intellectuals are in fact not intellectual and Dennis responds to the young ‘man’ who called him a “Nazi” right before our interview. Follow Dennis on Facebook, Twitter and PragerU for their must see videos (500 million viewers can’t be wrong!)

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