Tag: Insurrection Act

Winning in November by Burning Jobs Down


We are witnessing a coordinated campaign of domestic political violence intended to impose governing results that the leftist controlled Democrat Party fear they cannot get by the ballot box. We know, it is a matter of public record, that Democrat insiders were fearful that the economy would recover enough to yield President Trump’s reelection. If he is reelected, the Republicans likely hold the Senate and have a shot at the House. The Democrats will do whatever they think might stop that outcome. Period.

We have actual coordinated Black Shirts conducting devastating and destructive violence across the nation. The states have been given the chance to take the measure of their local elected leaders. Some have been weighed in the balance and found doubly wanting, by the pandemic response, and by the response to the oldest imperative of any government: providing basic security where its writ runs.

Now it is time for President Trump to vigorously exercise his full constitutional authority. We need street-level security and a large series of lightning pre-dawn raids executing federal warrants on the command and control and logistics/finance centers behind this insurrection. We need Lindsey Graham to shut up and focus on the deep state coup members, not serve as a useful idiot or fellow traveler by giving legitimacy to the lie of systemic police violence and racial injustice. Attorney General Barr seems quite capable of keeping all the balls in the air.