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The Atheist and the Acorn


This starts with a joke. Not a particularly good one, but perhaps the novelty will save the humor. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it told.

An atheist is arguing with a priest as they walk through a grove of trees. “How can you believe in a God who created such a disordered universe? Look at these mighty oak trees. See the tiny acorns they produce. And yet the massive pumpkin grows on a feeble vine. If I had designed the world that situation would be corrected, let me tell you.”

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There’s an old joke about two Hungarian gentleman who made a wager: who could think of the largest number? The first one thinks, and thinks, and says “Eighty-six”. The second one thinks, thinks, and then thinks some more, finally he says: “You win.” When contemplating infinity, one runs up against much the same problem as […]

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