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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Was a Bad Movie. Change My Mind.


Endgame was released about ten years ago (er, in April), but I didn’t watch it until this week. I don’t really see movies in theaters anymore, partly because the nearest theater is a 45-minute drive from my house. Also, it’s so damn expensive for tickets, and I can’t pause the big screen when I need to go to the bathroom. Anyway, I don’t think it was that great of a movie.

Obviously, this post is going to have some spoilers in it, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, then tough. I mean, it did come out like ten years ago.

When the Villain Is More Heroic Than the Heroes


The objective of morality is picking the highest quality you can and pursuing it. But that pursuit takes many forms, and sometimes things are not as black and white as they would seem.

One aspect of being moral is kindness. But kindness isn’t everything because sometimes one needs to be cruel to get things accomplished toward a moral end. A father’s first duty to his son is to parent him, not be his friend, and that means discipline when needed.

Another aspect of morality is loyalty to one’s loved ones and sacrificing for them. But sometimes one’s loved ones can do bad things. Thus they need to be turned in or held accountable for the sake of the broader community or innocent people.

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  When I was a kid, we had this mixed drink called a “Graveyard”, basically every type of soda mixed together. The result was soda that sorta tingled the tongue (probably because of the Mt. Dew) and had no discernible flavor. The only real attraction was the audacity of mixing the sodas together then drinking […]

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