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Touring a Senior Independent Living Facility


My sister-in-law, a widow and some years older than me, recently arranged a tour of a local independent-living facility. A couple of other relatives and I tagged along for moral support and to see what it was all about. By the end of the tour I didn’t want to leave!

This was a higher-end facility, so not cheap. But it had an interesting approach that I did not know about. Yes, you pay a substantial entrance fee, and a hefty monthly service fee. And to get in you have to show that you can handle your own hygiene, medications, and be mobile enough to get from your apartment to the common area where the dining and activity rooms are. But in addition to the independent living section, there is also an assisted-living wing, and a rehab center. If you have been admitted, and need more care, you don’t pay any extra – your monthly service fee remains the same! You can move to the assisted living wing, or get rehab for as long as you need it, and your costs don’t change.