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State of the Union, Pelosi ripping up the speech, the Senate impeachment vote, and the ongoing incompetence of Iowa Democrats. We’ve got it all for you today on Wednesday’s Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud the amazing number of record-low unemployment statistics cited by President Trump in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. They’re also big fans of conservative policy ideas espoused in the speech and note the impressive guests Trump invited and highlighted in his address. In contrast, they also assess House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up her copy of the speech right after Trump finished and what is says about Democrats nine months before Election Day. Finally, they have plenty more to say as Iowa Democrats release more than two-thirds of the caucus results but aren’t sure when or if the rest of the votes will be announced.

With impeachment, the Iowa Caucuses, the State of the Union, and a Democratic debate on tap this week, grab a stool and join us for the fun. Today, Jim and Greg quickly sum up the Super Bowl and then dive into three crazy martinis. First, with closing arguments coming today in the impeachment trail of President Trump, they groan as reports emerge that House Democrats may be poised to pursue another impeachment effort this year depending upon what type of testimony they might get from John Bolton. They also point out that Andrew Yang might have the best political instincts in the Democratic presidential field after admitting he’d seriously consider pardoning Trump if that were ever an issue. And they have fun with reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry was overheard discussing what it would take for him to mount a serious candidacy at this point.



The Right Reverend Adam Schiff and his assorted Elders came to the well of the Senate to save the soul of America. That salvation it seems was in the hands of the pagan Senators who needed Righteousness to be adopted into their hearts. And so Rev. Schiff and the Elders, sent out by Her Holiness Nancy Pelosi, came to convert the Senators. They railed against the iniquity that was keeping Sinner Trump in the Holiest Shrine. They denounced the apostasy that was the questioning of the Holy Resistance and the gossip surrounding those earlier Holy Men who were exacting tithes and offerings from extending beneficences. They enlisted the aid of the Righteous Senator from New York to promote the message and advance the mission whenever possible. They reminded their fellow believers amongst the Senate as to what their religious obligations were.

For 11 days, the Rev. Schiff did direct battle with the unangelic hordes and girded his loins against the sinful depredations of the unholy. He spoke of the Testimony that brought him forth to the Senate and imprecated the Senate to seek their own Testimony if they were as yet unpersuaded. For only through the constant pressure of the realization of evil can the Nation be cleansed. So many have been lured into folly and are enjoying what they falsely believe is “the American Dream” — a world of industry and compensation, of family and community and well-being. They know not what danger their souls are in, denying the One True God of Progressivism. Only by giving Power to the Righteous Progressive Leadership can the people abjure their sinning and carefully, prayerfully, and solemnly come into righteousness and take their assigned position in society. “Embrace your grievances!” “Heal the Earth!” “Make way the Triumph of globalism!” cries the Elect. “Deny individuality!” “Turn away from self-reliance!” “Confess your sin of claiming ‘natural rights’!”

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Though you and I live in a world where seventeen witnesses were called to testify in the impeachment process, millions of Americans live in a world where “45” only escaped prosecution because evil Republicans held a sham trial without witnesses. We should not leave these millions behind, in the nightmare they’ve let themselves believe. For […]

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The weekend is almost here! Kick it off right with the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the United Kingdom finally exiting the European Union Friday. They also discuss the latest impeachment news and how Democratic senators have already decided that Trump won’t really be acquitted unless they get to call new witnesses at the trial. They’re left scratching their heads as Democrat John Delaney ends a two-and-a-half year presidential campaign just three days before people finally start voting. And in a Super Bowl pitting the 49’ers and the Chiefs, Jim still finds a way to root against the Patriots.

We’re talking impeachment, criminalizing speech, and fake groundhogs on Thursday’s Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they roll their eyes at most questions being asked by senators in the impeachment trial and then discuss how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suddenly seems to have the votes needed to end the push for more witnesses and end the trial soon. Even though it’ll never happen, they also cringe as Elizabeth Warren panders for more votes by promising to impose civil and criminal penalties for online platforms that publish what she considers to be disinformation. And they have a lot of fun with PETA’s absurd demands that famed groundhog Punxsutawney Phil be freed from the cruelty of his annual duties and be replaced with an animatronic groundhog equipped with artificial intelligence. But despite the lunacy, Jim sees some room for common ground!

Big votes are coming soon on impeachment and in Iowa. Join Jim and Greg as they dive into reports suggesting three Senate Democrats are torn between convicting and acquitting President Trump. But will any of them actually buck their party? They also shudder at reports that the head of the Harvard chemistry department took taxpayer-funded research grants, only to pass his discoveries along to the Chinese for a very handsome sum of money – and he’s not alone. And while Jim generally gives high marks to Florida Sen. Rick Scott, he is exasperated to see Scott launching ads in Iowa which most analysts see as a thinly veiled preview of a 2024 White House bid.

John Bolton and the Leaked Manuscript


Just when we could see the impeachment trial winding down as the President’s defense team squashed the House Managers, we learn that the John Bolton manuscript of his new book has been leaked. What a shock. The manuscript has not been quoted and the references to it have been vague. (The NY Times article is behind a paywall.)

The manuscript was sent to the National Security Council’s Records Management Division for a “standard prepublication security review” on December 30, in the belief that no classified information was included. Over the weekend, the information was conveniently leaked to the New York Times. Yet there was this report:

Sarah Tinsley, an adviser to Bolton, told Axios that the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations sent the draft manuscript only to the White House for a prepublication review by the National Security Council. ‘The ambassador has not passed the draft manuscript to anyone else. Period,’ she said.

Jim is back and shares the highly entertaining albeit frustrating tale of the high-maintenance passenger on his return trip from California.  After detailing that saga, Jim and Greg are immensely entertained by national Democrats realizing only now what a train wreck of a nominee Bernie Sanders would be and scrambling to make sure he’s not the nominee.  They also weigh in on the latest political and media reaction to John Bolton allegedly confirming a quid pro quo with Ukraine, and while they admit there are grounds for debating Bolton’s tactics in recent months, the accusations he was never a conservative are ludicrous. And they unload on CNN, Don Lemon, and former Republican strategist Rick Wilson for their sneering mockery of Trump voters.

Chad Benson grabs a stool for today’s Three Martini Lunch while Jim is away. Today, Chad and Greg briefly discuss the significance of President Trump becoming the first sitting president to address the March for Life. Then they get a kick out of learning that the House impeachment managers are successfully alienating the group of senators they can least afford to lose – GOP moderates. They also richly enjoy watching a dad who scrimped and saved to pay for his daughter’s college education dissect the progressive lunacy of Elizabeth Warren’s college debt forgiveness plan right to her face. And as Democrats and their media allies dig for dirt on a strengthening Bernie Sanders, they brace for a riveting fight over whether Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders was more racially insensitive in the 1970’s.

Democrat Concern About Election Fraud


The behavior of Democrats over the past few years has grown more and more difficult to discern from satire. So, whenever I read something ridiculous, I think, “I wonder if this is a spoof?  Hard to say.” But this quote from Adam Schiff during the impeachment trial is genuine. (If it’s not, please let me know, and I’ll edit my post accordingly.)

Apparently Mr. Schiff said the following, without giggling: “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” A Democrat accusing a Republican of possible future voter fraud is too absurd to warrant a serious response.  But several possible responses leap to mind, which would be more appropriately absurd.

For example, Donald Trump could say:

Lies, Cockroaches, and Adam Schiff


“Lies are like cockroaches: For every one you discover, there are many more that are hidden.” – Gary Hopkins

Wednesday night, Adam Schiff claimed that Donald Trump was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians by withholding military aid to pursue Hunter Biden, and to interfere with Joe Biden’s run for the presidency of the United States. This is a lie, a very big lie, from someone who has told many lies in the Democrats’ psychotic obsession with removing President Trump from office.

Adam Schiff and Missing Mental States


I am still confused by Rep. Schiff’s repeated claim that Trump must be impeached for attempting to interfere in the 2020 election. I know that Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, and the wider NeverTrump universe are in near-orgasmic agreement with whatever Schiff says in his anointed role as Trump-Slayer-in-Chief (a title formerly held by Robert Mueller) but I find the logic of this particular charge convoluted. I don’t get it.

Let’s assume that the leadership of Ukraine capitulated to the pressure they did not know was being applied and began the investigations that Trump had requested (which have not yet begun and for which inaction there was never a consequence as would be expected in a quid pro quo— but never mind that now). [Note: See Comment #4 from @kozak below Turns out they were already investigating prior to the Trump request.]

If the investigation were to find nothing, then Mr. Biden not only suffers zero adverse political consequences but could then argue that he and his family were unfairly targeted—a political plus for being a victim. The only way Trump gains an advantage is if the Bidens are in fact dirty, i.e., the absurdly exorbitant payments to Biden the younger did, in fact, purchase the desired influence and protection from Biden the Elder in his role as point man for the US on Ukraine policy. Given the broad, detailed involvement of the Obama administration in the selection of investigative targets subject to Ukrainian anti-corruption law enforcement, it is entirely reasonable to believe that such an investigation is warranted and would be fruitful.

Rob Long of National Review Online is here in Jim’s absence.  Join Rob and Greg as they cheer a major step in the Brexit process in the UK and apply the lessons of that odyssey to American politics this election year. They’re also a bit stunned to see Bernie Sanders not only leading in a nationwide poll but also jumping out to a double-digit lead in New Hampshire. And they have a field day with former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart tweeting out a conversation he overheard of GOP senators panicked over the impeachment case presented by Democrats, only to admit many retweets later that he just made it up.

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I reckon the odds of Donald Trump being removed from office following the impeachment trial are pretty low. But for the sake of conversation, let’s imagine that the Senate defies my expectations and does remove him. Here are the questions I would like to explore. Q1: Who do you think President Mike Pence would choose […]

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What Is the Standard for Removal when No Crime Is Alleged?


The Democrats have seemingly abandoned the position that President Trump did a criminal act — an act defined in statutory or common law as a crime. Instead, their constitutional scholars are saying that a consensus of scholars agree that a crime need not be committed for impeachment and removed.

Prof. Alan Dershowitz is going to argue against that position on the theory that once you have no restriction to statutory and common law crimes, it is a violation of due process. Due process requires that you be on notice of a prohibited act, which is impossible if no crime is involved, and thus it makes policy disagreements into impeachable offenses — something that the Founders specifically determined not to do.

More Democratic infighting means more popcorn on today’s Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton for defamation after Hillary indirectly accused Gabbard of being a Russian asset. They’re also very puzzled as to why Joe Biden would insist on not deporting illegal immigrants guilty of drunk driving, especially given his own family’s story. And they discuss the House impeachment managers’ odd tactic of accusing the jurors in the Senate of assisting President Trump in a cover-up if they reject any efforts by Democrats to subpoena documents or witnesses.

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Back to the usual format day with good, bad, and crazy martinis. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Sen. Perdue for pointing out how stunningly weak the Democrats’ charge of obstruction of Congress against President Trump truly is. They also hammer the media for horribly biased coverage of Monday’s pro-second amendment rally in Virginia, including CNN’s assertion that gun rallies are fertile ground for white supremacists to recruit new members. And they have fun with the New York Times ending its insanely hyped endorsement process by backing two different candidates before Jim explains why they probably did it.