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January 2020 I finally opened a Twitter account. Until then I simply told everyone I didn’t want to become just another “Twit”: like all those depraved lost souls beating one another up over falsely perceived microaggressions, as the Bible says, “straining at the gnats and swallowing the Camel”. Then I decided to run for political […]

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In the Impeachment, It’s Joe Manchin’s Time


It is Senator Joe Manchin’s time to shine. It is time for him to stand up for party and for country. He has a chance to plant his standard in the ground and start rallying the Democratic Party back to responsible, American governance. Imagine this scene Friday, as the proceedings resume:

Senate Majority Leader rises: “I yield two minutes to the senior Senator from West Virginia.” A gasp and stir goes through the chamber, Chief Justice Roberts is gobsmacked. Sen. Manchin strikes forward and proclaims:

I am a Democrat.

Impeachment and Getting My Facts Straight


I want to make sure I have the facts straight before the trial to impeach the president begins. They are as follows:

The President of the United States called and congratulated the newly elected president of Ukraine on his win. They chatted a few minutes and Trump asked if he would look into some of the corruption that has been going on for years in that country. While he was about to release aid to Ukraine, Trump did not mention a holding on any aid unless certain information was given to him. The newly elected president of Ukraine ran on cleaning up the corruption which has been rampant for a long time, especially under his predecessor, and said yes, he would.

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump begins in earnest Tuesday. Nobody knows the charges better than Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who was there for every step of impeachment’s way in the House. The articles of impeachment are actually quite brief, and we go line-by-line through the accusations against the president. Jordan answers them all — he appears to be able to recite key documents by heart — and argues that the Senate should simply dismiss the case before the trial even begins. A preview from a key player in the House.