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Who Paid for Astrid Silva to Go to College?


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
— John F. Kennedy

It is common for politicians in speeches to use a very unscientific method to prove a point. Out of millions of people, they pick one personal story of someone who may tug on some heartstrings. These anecdotal undertakings of course prove nothing about the policy being presented and don’t really serve as a proper exemplar for the group being represented. It’s simply a distraction; a ploy to obfuscate thought.

Ted Cruz Updates Cicero for President Obama


In the great sweep of history, President Obama’s executive overreach is nothing new. While it’s a unique threat to the American Constitution, throughout human history vain executives have tried to grab undue power while bold leaders have tried to push them back.

Always one to seize a moment, Sen. Ted Cruz updated a two-millennia old speech by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Considered one of Rome’s greatest orators, Cicero served as Consul when a senator named Catiline attempted to kill him and overthrow the Republic. Cicero exposed the plot with a powerful speech — one that Senator Cruz repackages here, updated with a few modern touches:

Emperor Obama I


Emperor-ObamaEmperor Obama I will announce his executive immigration order tomorrow night. To celebrate America’s descent into autocracy, I have commissioned a sculpture to be placed in the well of the Senate. It will serve as a stern reminder that the legislative branch is no longer relevant.

According to CNN, the announcement will be followed by a Friday celebration in Las Vegas. Might I recommend Caesar’s Palace?

Obama’s Immigration Gambit Has Ominous Implications for the Left


The Washington Post is apparently enamored of my law review writings. That’s a first! Post report today by Karen Tumulty and Katie Zezima about President Obama’s planned executive order deferring millions of deportations of illegal immigrants contains the following passage:

Those who believe Obama is going too far warn it is a dangerous precedent for future executives as well. “Can a President who wants tax cuts that a recalcitrant Congress will not enact decline to enforce the income tax laws? Can a President effectively repeal the environmental laws by refusing to sue polluters, or workplace and labor laws by refusing to fine violators?” University of St. Thomas law professor Robert J. Delahunty and University of California at Berkeley law professor John C. Yoo wrote in the Texas Law Review.

Obamacare Suit Might Offer Path to Challenge Immigration Order


I just returned from a week of sun, fun, and politics with the happy National Review cruisers of the Allure of the Seas. One of the frequent topics of conversation (other than favorite Democrat loser on Nov. 5 or the Republican presidential nominee in 2016) was the White House’s coming order deferring the deportation of illegal immigrants. President Obama is flouting his fundamental duty, set out in Article II of the Constitution, to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” The President can only refuse to carry out an Act of Congress if it violates the higher law of the Constitution – which no one seriously claims is at issue with the immigration laws.

National Review speakers on the cruise, including me, were at a loss on how to oppose President Obama’s violation of the Constitution. Challenges to the White House’s earlier refusals to enforce Obamacare, immigration, and welfare laws have failed. Talk of impeachment may follow the Framers’ original design, but it is politically impossible and self-destructive. Conservatives are trapped because they favor a limited scope for judicial review by the federal courts. Under the doctrine of standing, long favored by conservatives, no individual can bring a claim unless they have suffered a discrete “injury in fact” that is traceable to the government’s conduct and can be redressed by the court. President Obama’s refusal to enforce the law affects us all by violating the Constitution, but it is hard to claim that it harms any individual citizen (it only benefits the illegal immigrant).

The Party Of Government


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.18.46 PM

Only one thing can be said with confidence about the upcoming midterm elections: that semi-retired lawyers will retain a majority in both houses of Congress.

Disgust with federal incompetence is seeping into our bones and Americans are not taking it in stride.

What Do We Want From Mexico?


Enrique Peña Nieto, president of Mexico, recently told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the U.S.’s immigration policies are discriminatory. Of course, Zakaria didn’t follow up with any questions about Mexico’s immigration policies toward its neighbors to the south, but that’s not my point.

As far as I know, The U.S. doesn’t have any immigration policies, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about. But it made me think of this question: What could we get from Mexico if we just did whatever this guy thinks we should do, and why isn’t that part of the immigration debate? Mexico has a big stake in getting its people into the U.S. to make money so it can be sent back home, where it is a major part of the economy (up to $120 billion per year, according to data from the World Bank.)

It Don’t Mean a Thing When the Kids Want to Swing


Then there was the time when a bunch of us kids tied a rope around the back tire of a bicycle, and tried to pull it to the top of the tall metal slide on the school playground. School was out for the summer, which left the playground open to neighborhood kids (and those, like me, who spent their days at neighborhood daycare in a private home). The slide was a steep, narrow, imposing structure to us, and wouldn’t it be mad fun, we thought, if we could ride a bike down the thing, do a wheelie at the bottom and, who knows, maybe even survive!

I volunteered to make the maiden trip because I was bright like that, leaving only the single problem of hauling that bike up to the peak. We’d tug the thing about halfway up, and then it would flop sideways off the slide and just swing from the rope, like it had been executed. Then, one of our number had the idea of pushing the bike up the slide on one end while the rest of us continued tugging on the rope to pull it up from the other end. He slipped (a metal slide is very slick), and fell down the slide but not before instinctively grabbing onto the bike and pulling it down on top of him. It was a spectacular crash, and we all congratulated him and said we wished we could watch the masterpiece again in slow motion. I think he was proud of his accomplishment. We were happy for him. You’d think that would’ve been enough of a day’s work for us, but we had not yet exhausted our imaginations.

A Little Visa Mistake?


4505166732_e13e1255f8_zAccording to Jessica Vaughan at the Center for Immigration Studies, Thomas Eric Duncan — the Dallas Ebola patient — should never have been granted a visa.

By Vaughan’s estimation, Duncan has six “strikes” against his application, namely, being: single, unemployed, Liberian (“5th highest overstay rate of any country in the world”; I wonder which are first, second, third and fourth), living outside his country of citizenship (he was living in Ghana), first-time traveler to the U.S., and having a sister living in the United States. So, probably not a tourist. Vaughan also points out that — unlike the United States — three African countries have actually banned travelers from countries where Ebola is a problem.

This is a kind of immigration problem that doesn’t get much attention. Is there any reason this issue hasn’t been taken up by any GOP candidate? How much opposition would there be to better visa controls, besides that from within the administration?

Lower Your Expectations — and Your Defenses


The Pentagon is in the midst of reducing our armed forces to levels not seen since 1940. Thirty thousand active duty Army troops are to be eliminated in the next two years. The Obama Administration has since announced that they want 1,500 illegal aliens inducted into service. This is madness.

Just this year, since the beginning of the southern border crisis, at least 40,000 detained illegals have been released and vanished into the wider population. No one knows who they are, what their intentions are, or even their health status.

Fill Out Your Obama Lawless Amnesty Bracket!


Since it’ll be a while before Super Bowl grids or March Madness brackets are available, how about a pool for when Obama will decree his lawless amnesty? His deadline du jour is the end of the year, but that leaves a lot of room for maneuver.

My gut pick was November 26, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This is a version of the Friday News Dump, but on a four-day weekend, and one when people may be especially averse to talking politics so as not to inflame the already tense family get-togethers.

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What if the “Comprehensive Immigration Proposal” included a key clause: no naturalized citizen or their immediate offspring shall be eligible for financial assistance from the Federal government for their respective lifetimes.  States could do as they liked, but no federal welfare, job-training, food stamps, housing assistance, etc.  Sure they’d still be taxed for those, but […]

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