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Immigration: All at Once, or Step by Step?


The Senate passed an omnibus immigration bill last year, 1,000+ pages long and larded with goodies for every interest group that was riding the “comprehensive immigration reform” train. Like all such massive bills, it was a mess, and the House GOP dismissed it out of hand, insisting on smaller, more targeted steps.

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) floated just such a piecemeal proposal last week. Its substance is flawed, but it’s an example of concrete thinking about what step-by-step immigration changes might look like. As a bonus, it puts the Democrats in a politically awkward position.

Playing the Victim: An Immigrant’s Plea to Michelle Obama


ImmigrationThe Huffington Post published a letter from an immigrant mother to Michelle Obama, pleading for immigration reform because she has been “refused the right” by the United States to raise her two children with her husband at her side. He was deported 22 years ago. 

For nearly my entire life, I have been a victim of harsh immigration laws, laws that have rendered my children fatherless. In addition to being a single mother, I am an immigrant and a minority woman, which only compounds the struggles that I have had to face. I have worked up to three jobs at once in order to meet my family’s daily needs. I have had many years where I was only able to see my children in time to put them to bed at night and early enough to send them off to school in the morning. Summertime was even more tragic when I had no choice but to leave my children at home alone for hours at a time while I tried to make ends meet. It was my faith and my prayers that allowed my children to remain safe and to thrive within their own lives.

Today I can proudly tell you that my children have surpassed all expectations that society placed on them based on heartbreaking statistics. My children refused to be defined by the assumption they would be trapped in a cycle of poverty. Both of my children have gone on to become successful professionals, graduating from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Houston. They persevered as best they could with the resources that were given to them.

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