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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast my sweeties! Come to refill the old political obsession tank? Here to procure that pithy but deep diatribe fix? Well you are in the right place! This is edition number 223 and we call it the “No Match Podcast” with your absolutely unmatchable hosts, Right Coast radio guy Todd Feinburg and Left Coast AI guy Mike Stopa (the handsome one). This week we have our dear friend and special guest Jessica Vaughan, she of the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, to discuss with us the return (did I hear anyone say “Hallelujah”???) of the No Match letters that are now going out to every employer in America who submits an I9 form for even one employee whose name and social security number do not match what is in the Social Security database.

Jessica tells us that many of these no matches are just…typos! Many are just…name changes! And many are (shhhh) illegal aliens either using stolen or fabricated SS#’s. This is where the actual problem is. The Democrats know it. The Chamber of Commerce knows it. And they are screaming that these letters are going out and good lord that is a good thing!

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America worry that Republicans and Democrats are underestimating Sen. Bernie Sanders’ chances in 2020 after the 77-year-old socialist from Vermont blew his competition out of the water by raising $18 million in his first six weeks. They also remember that Julian Castro is running after the former DNC darling from Texas called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings. And they unload on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour after she asks former FBI Director James Comey whether the federal government should have clamped down on chants of “lock her up” against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

Make Florida Great Again


President Trump has been very busy this weekend in Florida. On Friday, he honored Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon, with a second proper presidential farewell and send-off, as he had done for Ambassador Nikki Haley. Earlier in the day, he appeared with Florida officials and the Corps of Engineers on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, highlighting an important infrastructure project.

Lake Okeechobee is a large freshwater lake described as the heart or the kidney of Florida. It is girded by a dike system, which has been in long-standing need of repair. The US Army Corps of Engineers has federal responsibility, as with other large waterways.

The first embankments around Lake Okeechobee were constructed by local interest from sand and muck, circa 1915. Hurricane tides overtopped the original embankments in 1926 and 1928, resulting in over 2,500 deaths.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enthusiastically cheer the first two months of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and point out that good things can happen when a leader hits the ground running on the things they promised to do. They also wince as just six House Democrats agree that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be voting. And they wonder if millennials are really far to the left or whether they embrace labels they don’t quite understand as 73 percent favor the government instituting universal health care but 79 percent want to keep private insurance.

The Elephant on the Border


As I watch the coverage of President Trump’s efforts to secure the border and Democrat-Republican efforts to thwart any effective form of Border Security*, I’m struck by the fact in the mainstream media, the simple fact that Democrats (and a lot of Republicans) oppose Border Security because they want the uncontrolled migration of cheap labor and loyal Democrat voters from Central America (and, increasingly, Africa and the Middle East) to continue unabated. This is, in fact, the central issue of illegal immigration and opposition to Border Security, but you never hear it brought up on CNN, NBC, ABC, or even Fox News nor on the pages of the New York Times or Washington Post. Why is that?

The pundits obfuscate the issue by talking about “asylum seekers” (without mentioning that migrants can apply for asylum without leaving their home countries, much less illegally rushing the border), but more often, any discussion on the issue is limited to “Trump wants to stop immigration because he is a racist and Democrats oppose a Border Wall because they are not racists.” That is the current intellectual depth of the average network discussion on the topic.

Build a Wall Around Nouveau Intellectual Know-Nothings


Brandon Darby has a target on his head from the Mexican cartels. Concealing his Second Amendment rights under his vest, he hides among some of the most dangerous people in the Western Hemisphere. With more than half of the 32 Mexican states being run by the cartels, Brandon, a father and family man, understands his life is on the line daily.

We just interviewed Brandon, who was at an undisclosed location on the southern border. Unfortunately, it was a phone call and only after the interview, we realized we didn’t pick up his feed. Truly tragic as he discusses the reality at the border most of the media is missing.

He considers himself apolitical, saying he has disdain for both sides of the political aisle (Breitbart finances Brandon’s Border and Cartel Chronicles Project where he is the Editor in Chief and Managing Director). Yet he wouldn’t hold back his anger over how the Democrats are using the border debate for purely political motives. He believes their lack of action is resulting in rape, disease, and murder of innocents in both countries. We transcribed my introduction to the interview, which we hope to do again down the road.

Progress, Immigration, and the Question of Rule


One of the complaints in the Declaration of Independence addresses the king’s position on immigration. Let’s have a look, shall we?

He has endeavored to prevent the population of these States, for that reason obstruction the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

President Trump: The Adult in the Room


Speaker Pelosi and her coterie stewed in their foiled plans to flee the country and gather anti-Trump anecdotes from far-flung Swamp patches — leftists burrowed into career State and Defense staffs. Meanwhile, President Trump stood before a portrait of President Washington, faced the American people, and delivered a reasonable legislative proposal in measured tones.

The president offered a three-year extension to 700,000 DACA recipients and to 300,000 persons in another category, who claim they need protection from a situation in their home country. He repeated his demand for $5.7 billion to erect an additional 230 miles steel slat barriers this year. In addition, he called for 2,750 new border agents and 75 additional immigration judges, while highlighting the shocking number of pending cases, now nearly 900,000. Trump pledged to hold a weekly meeting following passage of this legislation to reach a complete reform of our immigration system.

Trump repeatedly called the situation at our southern border, and in our interior, a crisis. Yet, he offered one more opportunity for the Article I institutions to take the lead, and legislate on a subject squarely within their enumerated powers. He neither used the word “emergency” nor threaten to declare a national emergency. He had earlier reiterated his authority to do so but showed a preference for encouraging Congress to Be Best.

Why a Wall?


“…and I’ll make Mexico pay for it!”

Who cares if Mexico pays for it? We’re arguing over $5,000,000,000 in the budget; it’s an unimaginably huge amount in terms of my pocket book but the federal government wastes that much money on nothing every day. Yeah, I darn well would prefer if the feds didn’t waste all that money all the time. Border defense constitutes one of the fundamental duties of the government, and I’m willing to pay for it. The question then becomes what’s the best way to go about it?

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How to Use the Vulnerable to Win Elections – 101 Just a month before the U.S. mid-term elections, someone by the name of Bartolo Fuentes started a caravan to head to the U.S. border through Mexico. Starting with just a handful, it has grown to thousands. On October 16th. According to Reuters: Preview Open

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There’s been a lot of media buzz and debate this week over Amazon’s decision to raise its internal minimum wage to $15 an hour for its 250,000 regular workers and 100,000 seasonal hires here in the United States. Conversations are flying back and forth about the long and short-term economic impact.  Will this force higher […]

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On the 11th and 12th of December 2018 at a meeting in Marrakesh Morocco the UN will formally adopt the Global Compact for Safety, Orderly and Regular Migration http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/07/13/over-190-c…  . This is a blatant attempt by the globalists at the UN to introduce a world without borders and must be opposed by every nation which […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to reports that former FBI Director James Comey is described as “insubordinate” in the forthcoming inspector general’s report and former deputy director Andrew McCabe is asking for immunity before testifying to Congress about the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  They also push back against the outrage surrounding the arrest of an illegal immigrant delivering pizzas to a military base, pointing out the man told a judge he would leave the country eight years ago and never did.  And they’re puzzled by Sen. Bernie Sanders refusing to endorse his own son’s congressional bid when he’s been very active backing other candidates around the country.

Victor Davis Hanson describes how President Trump’s unconventional approach to foreign policy has often proved to be more effective than the conventional wisdom proffered by the Washington establishment.

An Expat in Favor of Rattling the Cages of Countries with Large USA Trade Surpluses


Here are some observations from a retired Texan living in Switzerland, a land of free enterprise, and many small … and some large … manufacturers that export over half of what they make. This is a country with really solid primary and secondary schools that graduate literate young citizens; trade schools for the 80% and universities for the 20%; and a land where if you’re here illegally and you are not a true and registered refugee, you will be caught and unceremoniously deported. (Switzerland’s unfortunate decision to be coerced into the Schengen Agreement has led to complications with migrants first passing through EU countries.)

When a country like the United States signs trade deals such that most of its manufacturing is lost on the altar of “Free Trade” (i.e., that which was employing millions of skilled citizens making average incomes, and such that the R&D that heretofore went into improving the products from those now non-existent plants also was replaced), then you have what you have throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States: many shutdown factories and towns with crumbling infrastructures; and, stagnant numbers of young American technical graduates.

Happy Reagan’s Birthday everyone!  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Vice President Mike Pence for bringing Otto Warmbier’s father as his guest to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea and keeping the focus on North Korean repression in the midst of the communist regime’s charm offensive during in the games.  They’re also exasperated as President Trump gives his political opponents and the media new fodder for criticism as Trump flippantly suggests Democrats were treasonous for not applauding good news during his State of the Union address last week.  And they’re deeply frustrated as an illegal immigrant previously deported for drunk driving is now charged with the death of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver – once again while drunk and in the U.S. illegally.  They also slam the media for biased coverage of the immigration debate, dismissing stories like this and focusing almost exclusively on the success stories of young people in the nation illegally.

Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on efforts to protect children brought into the United States illegally, considers how a humane immigration policy can be reconciled with America’s national interests, and explains why paeans to diversity mask some of the most difficult issues surrounding immigration policy.

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This video was taken in Orange County, California in 2018. It is a testament to the power of mass third world immigration and socialist welfare policies. Longer version on YouTube. And in San Francisco, they created an app to chart all the places in the city where homeless people leave dookie out in the open.  Preview […]

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California, which many other states often follow as an example, just protected it’s illegal immigrant criminals while putting up another roadblock in allowing law enforcement to keep its people safe. While not surprising, it’s still a major disappointment for the law-abiding citizens. This Sanctuary State legislation signed by Jerry Brown passed with zero support from […]

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