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Liberal Outrage Over Tyrants


Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganAll things are not necessarily equal when it comes to tyrants and liberals. Turkey has just elected a new president, or more accurately, they had their first popular election for that office, and moved their prime minister into that position. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been acting a little power hungry lately, and decided that he wanted to be president, and expand the powers of that office to meet his desires. For better or worse, the people of Turkey have obliged him. Because he’s backed by mostly conservative Sunni Muslims, it won’t be surprising if in the coming months we’ll see liberal foreign policy wonks talking about how bad this is. They’ll be right, but probably for the wrong reasons.

Cenk Sidar offered a very interesting pre-election analysis of the situation in Turkey at ForeignPolicy.com, particularly through a thumbnail sketch of the Erdogan administration. The first statement of interest had to do with Erdogan’s attitude about the system of checks and balances in the Turkish government.

Lately, Erdogan has shown little interest in preserving a system based on checks and balances and the separation of powers. The prime minister’s harsh crackdown on his political opponents and his combative rhetoric strongly suggest that he would like to see Turkey become a decidedly illiberal democracy, one in which he and his party can use the mandate of the ballot box to rule as they please, with little or no consideration of dissenting views.

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The earth’s natural environment keeps getting better at supporting life, especially human life. Thanks to new technology we are about to make major progress in carbon emissions, medical science and relief for the poor. The progress would be felt first on this continent. Then, once the technology is common and established, it will be practical […]

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Pro-Labor Media Group Resists Own Staff’s Unionization — Jon Gabriel


Media Matters for America is quick to mock and even invent hypocrisy by conservatives. For some reason, they are less vocal about the myriad controversies engulfing their side. Especially when their own group is directly involved.

The Democrat-loving purple shirts of the Service Employees International Union wants to unionize the far-left staff of MMFA. Should be a slam dunk, right? But it seems that David Brock, Eric Boehlert, et al., are not so keen on living out their pro-labor ideology: