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Creating Your Own Eye in the Midst of the Hurricane


This morning I became extremely aware that when I thought about the news of the day, I felt trapped. Every topic that came up steered me back to some aspect of the abortion controversy. It’s no wonder that we are obsessed with such an important issue, but it also occurred to me that I wanted to have multiple opportunities every day to free myself from the maelstrom. In the demands of our everyday lives, we have earned the right to have moments of peace, reflection, and normalcy.

So I’ve decided to find ways to create those moments for myself.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America shed no tears at the death of former Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, who repressed and sometimes killed his people and ruthlessly clung to power for decades.  They also react to the new that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will not be mounting a 2020 independent presidential bid and also remember the unrelenting venom that Democrats and the media allies directed at Schultz for even thinking about an independent campaign.  And they slam both President Trump and the media for being unable to admit mistakes and turning literally anything – including a Sharpie sketch on a hurricane map – into grist for yet another controversy.

On this AEI Events Podcast, Jose Carrion of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico spoke at AEI about Puerto Rico’s challenges after Hurricane Maria and the actions that the board has undertaken to lead the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Mr. Carrion underscored that the board remains hopeful for Puerto Rico’s future despite the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

Following Mr. Carrion, Anne Krueger of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies discussed several recommendations to improve Puerto Rico’s economy, including introducing an apprentice wage and other measures to increase the labor force participation rate. She also advocated against abolishing the Jones Act, which increases the island’s shipping and energy costs. Cumberland Advisors’ John Mousseau pointed out the extent of losses in Puerto Rico and highlighted the need for a Marshall Plan–like program for improving Puerto Rico’s economy. Following Mr. Mousseau, AEI’s Andrew Biggs highlighted the problems with Puerto Rico’s educational and pension systems, which perpetuate Puerto Rico’s economic problems. Lastly, AEI’s Desmond Lachman discussed the humanitarian crisis on the island and stressed the importance of an International Monetary Fund–style plan, in which Puerto Rico would receive substantial support from Congress contingent upon substantial reforms.

The Broken Windows of Harvey and Irma


Every time a big natural disaster strikes, progressive economists predict an economic boom. Between Harvey and Irma, the LA Times, CNBC, and Goldman Sachs expected a bump in the GDP once the recovery efforts got rolling.

Perhaps the best known fan of mass destruction is NY Times columnist Paul Krugman. While he has yet to weigh in on the storms of the past few weeks, I’m sure it’s coming. After all, he found economic growth in Fukushima…

I guess we have to talk about the economic impact of the Fukushima nightmare … Japan will clearly have to spend hundreds of billions on damage control and recovery, even as revenue falls thanks to the direct economic impact … And yes, this does mean that the nuclear catastrophe could end up being expansionary, if not for Japan then at least for the world as a whole.

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As a follow-up to @susanquinn’s Public Feed post, and responsive to @eherring’s suggestion, we are creating this Member Feed post for a bit more privacy for comments. We also have the live chat  for brief comments. Use of the live chat instead of comments on this post will keep notifications under some control for brief […]

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Panic in Florida


So I’m driving into my favorite Publix store, and I’m startled to see tons of cars. Generally this particular lot barely has any cars at any time of the day. Gosh, I assume, they must be restocking after the holiday. Then it hits me: hurricane panic is on!

Mind you, I live in Poinciana, FL, the center of the state in both directions. (Oh no, oh no! It’s now a category 5!) We’re supposed to have a hurricane supply packed up, right? But, no-o-o-o-o! That would be too sensible. Meanwhile, I’m out of sugar and all the 10-pound bags are gone.

Hurricane Harvey has dumped 9 trillion gallons of water, spun off more than 50 tornadoes, required thousands of rescues and—this being 2017—sparked political debates.

Antifa shows up in Berkeley, CA– and the local cops stand down

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I shouldn’t catch news updates before going to bed. The other night Tucker Carlson of Fox News had a guest on that talked about EMP’s and explained what would happen if one were launched over the US. In a nutshell, it’s back to the 1800’s for six months to a year while we try to […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America point out Republicans should be making the Obamacare disaster into a huge political issue but so far they aren’t.  They also discuss President Obama’s lofty approval numbers and note how they started to go up as Americans realized who the 2016 nominees were likely to be.  And they slam Shep Smith of Fox News for telling Floridians to get away from Hurricane Matthew or they would all die, along with their children and everyone they know.

Hurricane Matthew: Get Prepared Today


Hurricane Matthew Track Latest Hurricane Matthew tracking model from the National Hurricane Center.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is preparing the state for a direct hit by Hurricane Matthew in some form. The storm is supposed to head up the East Coast. It stayed stationary over poor Haiti and could pick up more steam.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is urging all residents to prepare for the worst ahead of a possible Hurricane Matthew hit. “It’s never too early to evacuate,” he said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.