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No, this is not a tale from the 1800s, although you might find some themes and players in common with the excellent account of Henry Lafayette Dodge’s service. These three stories all broke since early October. First we learned of an Arizona native, from an old family, engaged in massive immigration and adoption fraud. Then we learned of a mass grave near a Mexican coastal town, long regarded by middle class Arizonans as their beach home community, nicknamed “Rocky Point.” Finally, while mulling over these two stories, Arizona and a neighboring Mexican state became national news with the shocking slaughter of nine women and children on a Mexican highway, almost certainly at the hands of an identifiable cartel. All of these stories are tied to the enormous wealth of the American nation, enabling appetites unrestrained by moral sentiments.

Massive Fraud Centered in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun:


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Human Trafficking, and What You Can Do About It


shutterstock_146428322I’ve been a cop for more than 30 years. I once assumed that, in that time, I had seen just about every sort of shadow that can darken a man’s soul. I was wrong. One hears about “human trafficking” with some frequency these days but — perhaps like many of you, and even being in my line of work — I wasn’t entirely sure what the term meant. Speaking as a father, I confess to a certain regret at having learned.

But of course, ignorance of a problem doesn’t equate to the absence of one. I was stunned to learn the enormity of the commercial trade in people, and I was saddened by how young some of the victims are and how cruelly their innocence is stolen from them. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center compiles statistics on the problem, and it reports there were 5,554 cases in the United States in 2015. Given the secrecy involved in human trafficking and the reluctance of many victims to come forward, this number vastly understates the true scope of the issue.


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Human trafficking has a devastating effect on the lives of its victims. From all I hear, proposed solutions seem few and far between. How does one catch and punish the various kidnappers, transporters, and pimps? I have a modest solution that could be enacted by the federal government and by each state. The new statute […]

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