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Sacrificing Our Kids on the Altar of Wokeism


The world has a long history of sacrificing children as a way to pacify the gods. The Babylonians, Aztecs and Canaanites, for example, believed that they would not only protect themselves from the forces of nature, but would achieve good fortune by destroying their own. Eventually human beings became more civilized (at least in terms of killing their own species).

If we leap forward to the industrial revolution, we know that as a means of survival, children were sacrificed to harsh work environments in the cities. Not until after the industrial revolution did they benefit from laws enacted to limit the abuse they needed to endure.

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So, is there a plan afoot to bring back all the Aztec gods, and their gentle loving ways, in California, where every cult gets a fair hearing? But, if you’re a caucasoid, wouldn’t worship of such be cultural appropriation, at least as bad as a trip to the Taco Bell drive-thru?  Preview Open

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Sacrifice to the ‘Gods’


Just when you think events can’t get uglier, people are now posting on Twitter that they hope President Trump will die from COVID-19. The depravity of these people knows no bounds. They hate President Trump to the degree that removing him from office is not sufficient; they now wish for his death.

In thinking over the statements from these people, I have wondered how the evil among their retinue continues to grow. Is it just a “natural” outgrowth of the irrational hatred of the President? Is it any worse than all the other lies and attacks he has endured?

It is worse.

Human Sacrifice in the Modern Age


For those who think that human sacrifice is a relic of the past, you are wrong. Its manifestations in the modern age are different, but they are violent, heartless, immoral, and unrepentant. We only need to look at the actions of the Progressive movement to understand how human sacrifice thrives and is equally deadly.

Tall Tales: Gagara Yasin


dadweb2The year was 1956.

I knew something was horribly wrong that night, when Ahmadu dropped the soup! Normally exquisitely self-possessed, immaculately groomed, and imperturbable, our man-servant and friend was disheveled, the color of cement, and shaking like a leaf with acute anxiety and palpable fear.

Our little family—myself, Kay, and our imperious eighteen-month-old daughter, known behind her back as “She Who Must Be Obeyed”—were living in Idah at the time, among the people of the Igala kingdom.

Are You Ready For Some Disunity?


A few days ago, Pseudodionysius posted a thread about my love of country music. Since then, I have been in something of a slow burn because of a certain comment that was posted there. The comment in question was posted by me, wherein I mentioned one Randall Hank Williams, better known to the world as country music legend Hank Williams, Jr.

From 1989 to 2011, a version of one of Williams’ hit songs – retitled “Are You Ready For Some Football?” – was featured by ABC (and later ESPN) as the introduction to “Monday Night Football.” Here is a clip from the early 1990s: