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The Left Is Now an Honor/Shame Culture


Anecdotal evidence, especially from Twitter, suggests that the American Right and Left reacted to the Ford/Kavanaugh Senate hearings in the following three ways:

  1. Both tribes generally thought that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was believable and sympathetic. Most seemed to feel bad for her, even wishing that she didn’t have to expose herself in this way.
  2. The right essentially had the same response to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony. It made sense that he would be angry, but even more so, if he was innocent he should have been angry.
  3. The left universally seems to have found Kavanaugh’s testimony to not only be unsympathetic but on some level an indictment of him personally.

Basically Dr. Ford was met with near-universal empathy but Kavanaugh was a like a thermometer for partisanship. This outcome wasn’t terribly surprising to most conservatives. But does it have an explanation beyond tribal loyalties?

This AEI Events Podcast brings you a dynamic and thought-provoking keynote conversation on American education and workforce development featuring Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Arizona State University President Michael Crow. This keynote was part of an event hosted at Arizona State convening some of the nation’s foremost education and labor experts.

Globalization, automation, and other emerging technologies are poised to reshape the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. The skills needed today and in the future are dramatically different from those demanded in the past. These changes merit a broader and more responsive education system with stronger alignment to employer needs and more flexibility for individuals seeking new skills as they move from one job to another.

This week marks Banter’s 300th episode. To commemorate this milestone, AEI President Arthur Brooks joined the show to discuss everything from AEI’s human dignity project and the future of free enterprise to the need for aspirational leadership in the face of a government shutdown. Arthur also updated us on some exciting upcoming AEI projects and left us with some unconventional fashion advice.

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Also called “water cremation”, “resomation”, and “biocremation”, this procedure disposes of corpses in much the same way Drano dissolves clogs, namely alkaline hydrolysis. The alkaline hydrolysis of fats is familiar to us as saponification, or soapmaking. But hot lye solution attacks more than just the body’s fats. It attacks all the body’s organic material, dissolving […]

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